Thursday, March 20, 2008

thursday thirteen

Thirteen things Jesus did today.  Read Matthew 26 or John 13 for more.
1. He procured a place for their meal
2. He washed His disciples feet as a lesson in true servanthood
3. He celebrated the Passover meal - making connections between it, Himself, and the New Covenant
4. He predicted his betrayal by Judas and his denial by Peter
5. He promised the Holy Spirit
6.He foretold His death and resurrection
7. He prayed for His disciples, and for us
8. He gave His disciples instructions and comfort for the future
9.. He prayed earnestly for there to be another way, but surrendered to the Father's will.
10. He was betrayed by Judas
11.  He was arrested and tried unfairly
12. He was betrayed by all the disciples who ran away
13. He was betrayed by Peter who denied Him three times


  1. Hi, cool list!!!!!! I really liked that one!! I did a TT too, it's here:


  2. Hey, I tagged you in a 'meme'.

  3. A very moving list of things. This was a big day in the human life of Christ. It's a wonderful thing to know that He was praying for us too. Q

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  5. Assuming it actually happened. I am not convinced. That aside, I wish you a joyous weekend with your celebrations.


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