Monday, March 3, 2008

dst rant

Can anyone give me the reasoning behind Daylight Savings Time? Maybe it wouldn't irritate me so much if I could understand a logical reason for it.

And why oh why do they keep moving it up earlier in the year?
If the sun comes up at six and goes down at eight, that's 14 hours of daylight. If the sun comes up at seven and goes down at nine, that's 14 hours of daylight. How in the world does it make any difference? Maybe, (just maybe mind you) I'm dense or something, but I honestly don't get it. People have tried to explain, but their explanations don't make any sense either.

I tell you I dislike it intensely and admit to a really bad stinky attitude about it. When hubby told me that it starts this Sunday, I threw a regular little hissy and declared that I just wasn't going to do it! I could send my kids to school an hour late every day... that would show 'em... Whoever 'em are. And I could be an hour late to my meetings and Bible Study.

It's just unfair to dictate loss of sleep like that. And getting up in the dark is so much harder.

Ok, enough whining. At least publicly...

What do you think? Are you one of those who actually likes it? And please, someone, give me some intelligent rationale!!
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  1. I don't believe in daylight savings time. It just happens around here (I guess someone else cares) I wake up when I wake up. Mom tried to tell me about the why of it and I'm sure she will try once again, but I think its all about finances and spending or something. mind control that was started ling ago and still done today because people don't know they can change it. They don't do daylight savings in Arizona, we could move there.... just a thought

  2. It tis goofy! I am I do not have to deal with sleeping in kiddo's. yes! I found something good about moving..I know it is small..but do not bust my bubble! LOL

  3. I don't like it and I don't understand it, either.

  4. I am reminded of a oft quoted line betwixt my hubby and I from "The Big Chill." William Hurt is watching an old black and white movie with a bunch of men in black hats. Tom Berenger walks into the room and asks, "What's going on?" William Hurt says, "The man in the black hat did something." Tom Berenger: "Which man?" William Hurt then turns to look at Tom and says, "You are SO analytical. It's art. Just let it flow over you."

    This is how my mind works with anything I don't get.

  5. I detest Daylight Saving Time, always have, always will. Ridiculous.

    When I used to have to get up at 4 AM, I felt literally sick for that first hour when it was really 3 AM.

    Do you know you need an initiative signed by a zillion people to get it on a ballot and then to vote on it? It costs a bunch of money to change it. Apparently that's why only one state has done it.

  6. I know, it makes no sense to me. Seems we could just go to work at 7instead of 8 or something. Here are two links I found. explains why we need it, and explains why we don't need it.

  7. Its INSANE! Fortunately since I'm home with the kids it doesn't effect me horribly because we wake up when God wakes us up :) Sometimes God wakes me up before I want to be up though because I stay up too late...

    But when I was working I used to lose my hour on Friday night to give me a few days to adjust before Monday morning madness.

  8. It's supposed to save energy. I don't really understand how though. If we have to wake up in the dark then we use energy - and it seems to me to be the same energy we saved by not having to turn the lights on so early at night. I hated it worse when the kids were little, it really messed with their sleep schedules.

  9. Kay, I love your lambs and Mrs. Sheep. This is a beautiful time of the year. I wish our new year started April 1 when the new birth of plants and animals take place. About daylight savings, you know that we elect people to make laws for us to obey. One day these elected people had nothing to do so they said let mess up all peoples minds by controling time. And that the truth. Your aunt

  10. I love daylight savings time. I work a full time job and it gives me more daylight after work to do outside things. In the winter, it is dark by the time I get home from work so I can't go out for a walk around the neighborhood. So, I think it is great for people who are having to be inside an office all day to get to have some outside time.

  11. It's funny how DST is such a hot button. An author I know was letting off steam about the same subject the other day:

    A prisoner of hope,

  12. It does NOT save energy. I live in Indiana and we were the test state to prove it. I hope the reality encourages the government to do away with it. I rant about it every year now that my state has joined the insanity!

    Great post!

  13. Well, I thought I heard once that DST was pute into effect so the children would have daylight going and coming to school. Not so dangerous for them when they were walking and crossing streets. For me personally, I drive to work at about 5:40 am. I have been able to be in semi light for about a week or two. After the time change, I will be back in the dark. Oh, well. Driving in the dark has some pleasantness too. QOTW


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