Sunday, March 9, 2008

sisterly love

1985, or so.  
Every picture I found of us she had that same expression on her face.  Could it be because I was only nice to her when a camera was around?

Here we are, both too young for grimacing, back in 1968.  Although she was no monkey.
I have a memory of my dad telling me that we were going to pick up a monkey.  I was terribly disappointed when it ended up being nothing but a baby.


  1. We were very hip to the style, eh?
    I guess I was anticipating the love or something. I like the hair, I didn't know we were such twinkies with our hair. Cool jeans with the pleats in front and probably no pocket in back.

  2. I recognize those girls! The baby one is one of my favorites. I see Raggedy Annie's foot on the top of the sofa. I think. What beautiful girls you are. :)

  3. K, mom said she liked the baby better! Ha!


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