Friday, January 30, 2009

true or false

Anonymous wanted me to talk about why people have trouble with the truth and facts and why people who are supposedly Christian lie.

Well... I wish I knew.

I'm not perfect by any  means and I know that I have lied or been dishonest by omission many times.  But in general, I strive for honesty.  And I greatly admire honesty in others.  And I will have a hard time trusting someone that has deceived me.  I value honestly greatly.

I think the truth is always the best.  Even when it hurts.  If my clothes look terrible on me and make me look like a Weeble, then I want someone to tell me.  That's far less hurtful than letting me walk around like that.  If someone has wronged me, I would rather them admit it so we can work through things than for them to lie to cover it up.

But sometimes a lie can be so much easier.  Or so it seems.  I think lies always end up very complicated.  But in that moment... everything inside can scream "The only way out is a lie!"

Sometimes we lie to spare somebody's feelings.  We lie to save our skin.  Save our job.  Save our family.  I know people who lie for absolutely no reason at all.  And they don't even seem to care too much about sounding credible.  

And why do Christians lie?  Because we aren't perfect.  How I wish that the minute I gave my life to Christ that I automatically achieved perfection!  How cool would that be?!  But no.  We still struggle with, and give in to, temptation.  We should be giving in less than we did before becoming a Christian.  We should be able to see progress in our lives.  But perfection isn't going to happen in this body or on this earth.

I have no defense, though, for someone who lies.  It is sin.  The same is true when I lie.  It is wrong.  But we are supposed to forgive. Forgiving deceit can be very difficult, but it isn't impossible.  And forgiving doesn't mean that we have to give that person our full trust.  That is a consequence that must be faced and the person who lied will have to earn back that trust.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

w x 10

My new friend Linda at Mocha With Linda tagged me with a new meme!  Here is the link to her contribution - the letter N.
She assigned me the letter W.  So if you want to play, leave a comment saying so and I will give you a letter.  No fair picking your own letter.
Ten things I like that start with W.  Whatever...

1. Winter.  I LOVE winter.  It is never too long in my book.

2. Warmth.  While I love winter, I also love to be cozy warm.  Not hot, mind you, just warm.

3. Watermelon.  One of the things that makes summer bearable.

4. Westerns.  Love old John Wayne movies and the Magnificent Seven and Two Mules for Sister Sarah, etc.

5. Who Done Its.  Cozy mysteries are my favorite and I love Agatha Christie.

6. Wishes.  I wish upon stars and candles and other silly things, because, why not?

7. Wax.  As in candles.  But also, wax museums are cool.

8. Willy Nelson.  Not so much him personally, but I like his music.  I don't know him personally.

9. WFTJ.  My writing group, Words for the Journey.  Awesome group.   LOVE them.

10. Wondering.  I am a questioner.  And for a bonus, I also like wandering.  As long as it is intentional.

And just for the record, even though it isn't cool and all that, I like W.  As in George.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Give me a topic.  Any topic.
Come on... just throw one out there.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

love vs death?

I don't know a lot about Obama; just what I've heard.  I've heard he claims to be a Christian.  Maybe.  I don't know and it's not my place to make that judgement.  He may do some wonderful things for us over the next few years.  

All I know is what I've seen his priorities to be so far, and I can see that he has been deeply deceived, whether he's a Christian or not.  He may believe the lie and think that abortion is a good thing, or he may have a murderous heart.  Either way it is evil that leads him to lift these bans, condoning the killing of millions of human beings.

Our nation is sacrificing babies to the spirit of Molech.  Demons don't die.  They are thirsty for life and blood and destruction.  The spirits that moved the Israelites to sacrifice their babies in a burning oven are still here.  And our tax dollars will now pay to feed them.

In my imagination, I see a dark cloud closing in over our country.  But today as we were singing about the Glory of God spreading throughout the earth, I thought of the movie Horton Hears a Who.

My daughter loves that movie and so I have seen it several times.  I should do a post on all of the cool themes in that movie but for now, I want to talk about the barrier.  The Whos were shouting and trying to be heard but there was a thick covering that insulated the sound.  Finally the sound waves forced their way through as the smallest Who joined his voice with the others.
I thought of that this morning.  There may be a shadow settling in on us.  But we, God's people,  can make ourselves heard.  We can sing praise.  Speak truth.  And the thing that makes the most noise?  Love the Lord with all I am and love my neighbor as myself.

There may be a shadow, I feel it.  But we are the light of the world.  It's time to get out from under the bushels and let the world see a difference in us.  
I just read a book called Every Hidden Thing by Athol Dickson, (go to my book blog for a review) and the key thing I got from it is that we cannot fight a spiritual problem with physical weapons.  We must fight on the spiritual plain and the biggest weapon we have, aside from prayer and the Word of God, is love.

So, how does that play out?  

Saturday, January 24, 2009

don't read if you despise inanity

If I'm out of whack, does that mean sometimes I am in whack?

The other day we were watching Planet Earth and the narrator said that the chimp barely escaped with her life.  Pause... my son says, "How do you escape without your life?"  I like that kid.

I have asymmetry problems.  Monk, (my favorite TV show) would not be able to stand being me.
My left foot is considerably more ticklish than my right.
My right side is nearly always in pain.  I mean from my neck to my hip.  Tight muscles.  Knots.  Pain.  The left side isn't too bad.
My right side is somewhat weaker, I've come to notice.
So, I know that much of this can be attributed to the mild stroke that I had once upon a time.  But what about this?
My right eyebrow can be downright riotous, but the left scarcely ever sprouts an extra hair.  What's up with that?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

not so great expectations

I have come to realize that a lot of my woes come from unrealistic expectations.  And I am the queen of unrealistic expectations.  My personality type is that of an idealist.  So, obviously, I tend to think of things as they should be, rather than as they are.

Marriage is not like romance novels would have you think it is.  
Being a mother is not all about trips to the zoo and sweet conversations while brushing a child's hair.
Owning a dog is not just love and laughs and undying loyalty.
Life is not perfect!

And even though I have learned that reality doesn't meet my expectations, I continue to have expectations.  I don't know how to not have expectations.  I set myself up every time.

I do specifically remember when I went to a writers' conference and on the way there I asked God to remove all expectations.  I wanted to  just enjoy whatever it turned out to be...  and I did!  I went with an open mind and attitude and wasn't disappointed in the slightest.  But only because I thought to ask God to help me.
Otherwise, I will be disappointed every time.  Nothing ever meets my expectations.

So, here I am trying to write a book.  And I have expectations.  And for me, success and failure are measured by whether or not I meet my own expectations.  How often do you think I feel like I succeed?

A friend and I were talking about effort and how that our kids are so bright that they don't really have to give 100% in order to do well enough.  My friend mentioned that she loves the feeling of having done her absolute best on something.   I said I didn't know what that felt like.  At first I thought that was because I've never had given my best but then I realized that it was because my best is never good enough.  I can give 100%, but not be satisfied with the result.  Because of my expectations.  And what do I expect from myself?  Perfection apparently.

So, what do I do?  How do I learn that my best is all I can do and to find satisfaction in that?  How do I learn to habitually set aside expectations?  I know that one key is to ask God to remove them from me.  So I guess that's the habit I need to get into.

I would love for life to be one joyous surprise after another, rather than let down after let down.

Any other ideas, thoughts, suggestions?  Do you struggle with this?  Have you overcome this?  Or are you one of those blessed folks who takes life as it comes?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

five things I wish I could get into (but just can't)

My friend Melanie posted this on her blog and I am being a copy cat.  I have different things than she did, though.  So go look at hers, too.
The thing is, as I thought about this I realized that most of the things I'm not into, I'm pretty content to be out of.  Like coffee.  I will drink it occasionally, but if I never had another cup, I'd be ok with that. (I know some of you are hyperventilating right now just thinking of a world without coffee.   Breathe.)
Cell phones and texting.  I use my cell, but really despise talking on it.  And I think I've texted someone once - ever.
Sports.  I like the idea of gathering with friends to watch them and eat snacks.  But my family isn't into sports either.  We can eat snacks and watch movies.  Don't need sports.
But here are a few things I would really like to be into, but... just can't seem to.

1. Baths  
2. Size 9 or smaller shoes
3. Exercise
4. Charles Dickens
5. Veggies

Friday, January 16, 2009

This was sent to me as a blonde joke, but in honor of my dear blonde friends, I changed it.

A woman is watching the news with her 
husband when the newscaster says 
"Two Brazilian men die in a 
skydiving accident."            

The woman starts crying. 
She turns to her husband, 
"That's horrible!
 So many men dying that way!"            
Confused, he says, "Yes dear, 
it is sad, but they were skydiving, 
and there is always that risk involved."            
After a few minutes, still sobbing, 
she says,"How many is a Brazilian?"

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

the trouble with a new year

I mentioned that I don't do resolutions.  I don't even really set goals.  But even with just making "plans" for what I hope to change I run into a problem.

See, about the second week into the year I realize that I'm not really doing things any differently than I did in December.  I haven't written any more.  I'm not walking the dog any more.  I certainly haven't been doing more laundry.
So I feel bad then say to myself, "Well, maybe next year."

I think perhaps that is a common occurrence... or is it just me?  

I really need to drop that mindset and instead develop the "every day is a new beginning" mindset.  So,  failed in my New Year plans.  I can make New Day plans for today.  And if I fail, maybe tomorrow will be better.

I don't know.  I have noticed as I look back, that I have changed a lot in a lot of different areas.  But it hasn't been through striving to reach goals as much as through gradual, little baby-step changes.  And it has perhaps been God at work in me more than myself at work.  

I'm doing a lot of thinking about all this because there is always so much talk about goals this time of year.  I am trying to figure out what motivates me and work from there.

What about you?  Do you relate to the "maybe next year" thing?  Do goals motivate you.  Are you able to set them and succeed?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

happy new year?

How does the new year make you feel?
Are you excited at the prospects and potential?
Are you relieved to have the old one behind you and to be given a clean slate?
I almost always feel overwhelmed and a bit blue.  I haven't ever analyzed it before, but this year I'm curious as to why I get down in the dumps in the early days of January.

So, that's why I haven't been posting much.  I'm kinda blah and blue and very tired.  I don't seem to have much energy for turning thoughts into words.

So you tell me about how January makes you feel.  What do you think about?  Is it exciting, daunting, refreshing, or other?

Monday, January 5, 2009

some noteworthy thoughts

First of all, I get to decide whether it is noteworthy - - it's my blog.

I did not start the new year off according to plan.  I sort of went right by without thinking about my "spend an hour each day writing" and "put away the clean laundry" ideas.  A friend told me that it was because new year came in the middle of the week.  I think that's part of it.  Also, my kids were still home.  It was still vacation.   Christmas vacation always completely messes me up.
So.... today is the start for me!  I will be doing the above mentioned things today.  Just so you know.

I don't see the point of eating eggs unless they taste like butter and salt.

I love my new blog layout and it isn't even red!!  I hope you like it, too, but if you don't, well, too bad.  I find it very relaxing and soothing.

I am reading The Godfather for a book club.  It is a very big book.  I've never seen the movie.  It is rated R - the book; don't know about the movie.  So I am trying to read with one eye closed so I miss the bad stuff.

I've heard people comment that they get tired of their Christmas decorations.  I can't imagine.  I could leave mine up all the time.  But I don't.  I try to get them down before June.  This year I am taking them down this week.

My friend Robbie's husband is improving steadily.  His mental capacities seem to be fully functioning, but he is still sleeping a lot.  Hopefully this week he will be able to come to a rehab hospital in Denver since he is now in another city.  That will make life easier for dear Robbie.  

So, the holidays are over.  Time to get back into the blog mode, right?  Seems it all slowed way down there for awhile.  Fewer comments and fewer posts on other blogs.  I did alright, though, didn't I?  I tried.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

scripture memorizing

I don't like memorizing things.  I used to have to memorize scripture in school and didn't like it.  I do like that the verses are in my head and my heart.  They frequently come to me when I need them.  I don't always know them word for word and I seldom know their exact location, but I know what they say -- what they mean.  

But I am feeling led to memorize again.  It's because Michelle posted about it on her blog and she is doing it because Beth Moore started a challenge on her blog.  The idea is to memorize two per month.  Michelle decided to use her creativity to help her memorize and I loved that idea.  Because I know that repeating a phrase over and over and over bores me and I won't stick with it. 

So what I am doing is using an unlined journal to write the verse in.  Then I will do whatever I feel like doing to help me learn the verse.  So far I have written it in two different versions.  Written my own paraphrase.  Written some thoughts and a prayer about the verse and looked some words up in my Greek dictionary. 
I may later draw or just color, or find pictures to paste into my book that help me learn the verse.  I personally am not concerned with word for word accuracy, but want to learn the concept -- the truth -- of the passage.  Word for word would be a nice bonus.

So, the first verse I am learning is 2 Peter 1:3.  Seeing that He has granted unto us by His divine power all that pertains to life and godliness through the knowledge of Him who called us by his glory and excellence.  Something like that.  I am using the New American Standard translation.  

So, who wants to join Beth, Michelle and me in memorizing God's word this year?

Friday, January 2, 2009

friday fill-in

Click here to participate.

1. The world is _big, broken, and not my home_.

2. _In all caps? _ was the last thing I said.

3. I wonder _who was the first woman to shave her legs - and why_.

4. _God is_ at the end of all things.

5. There's something to be said for _clean socks_.

6. _A cabin in the mountains_ is where I want to be.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _dinner with friends_, tomorrow my plans include _a family after Christmas Christmas party_ and Sunday, I want to _go to church and then rest_!