Sunday, March 30, 2008

my why

One church that we went to I loved attending and had to do with relationships.  I always had someone I wanted to see, say "hi" to, or hug.  It was all about the people.

Another church we went to, I had no relationships.  It was all about God and me.  I loved going and hated to miss because every week I saw something new about God, or heard something from Him.  The sermons often stayed in my mind all week.  The presence of the Spirit was very real there and it was just a wonderful time with the Lord.

See, I can listen to sermons at home.  I can read the Bible for myself and learn and be convicted, repent and change.  I can get together with believers anywhere, any place and any time.  I can sing to the Lord.  I can pray alone or in a prayer group.  I can "do" all of the things that we "do" at church without going to church.  What if we have a small group that meets at home?  We have accountability there and corporate worship.  Is the pastor the only thing that makes church different?

Just asking here.  I think it's important we know these things.  

Anyway, I love church.  I can't imagine not going.  Whatever the reason is that I go.  

I know that I love being with other believers, in all kinds of settings.  I love corporate worship.  I love seeing God work in others' lives.  I love the fellowship.

I know that God has a way of relating to us as individuals and He also has a way of relating to us corporately.  That is demonstrated in His relationship with Israel throughout the Old Testament.  I think He gives a special blessing for us gathering together as representatives of His body.  He blesses that act of unity.  Perhaps the reason I go is for that.  Maybe that's what we all find there.  If we look past the "because I should" and "it's how I was raised" reasons, I think we'll find we just love having God smile on us, His son's Bride-to-be.


  1. Check out an Anglican Church near you!

  2. Very thought provoking post ~ you are right. In the last year...I have been very frustrated with what we call church. Everything is exactly the same. home. Who said we had to have it in that order and what would happen if during a great song we just went with it? Or, God forbid, we went over the hour? *gasp* I love my church here..but there are times that I look around and wonder...why is the church in Acts so very different than any of the churches today. We can make all kinds of excuses..which we are good at..but why?

  3. Original churches were home churches. They were just like life groups/community groups/Bible studies...whatever it is that you call them.

  4. The new testament churhes were in the homes and many worshiped daily. Are we just to busy for God and once a week is enough to gather with other Christians? Also, buildings are so important to us.


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