Friday, October 30, 2009

friday fill-ins

The night before halloween fill-in. Don't get scared!

1. It was a dark and stormy night, __last night, and the night before, and the night before that___.

2. _It was a nightmare, they were throwing them away,___ so I offered to take the books myself.

3. Rushing out, __I inadvertently startled the bogey man______.

4. _The moon is full and... and____...I think I heard a howl!

5. Shhhh... _what was that?___

6. _I'm a monster when I'm hungry, so_____ give me something good to eat!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _a good nights sleep____, tomorrow my plans include _scaring somebody____ and Sunday, I want to _try a new church____!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


This is the view from my bedroom this morning! Lovely October we're having here. And I mean that! I love it!

I have decided to do a crazy thing called NaNoWriMo. You writers know exactly what it is. For those of you who don't know, it's a challenge to write a 50,000 word novel from scratch in the month of November.

That is a big challenge and I don't know if I'm up for it, but I've decided to give it a try.
I have two goals. One is to learn how to shut up the perfectionist editor in my head. To learn how to give myself permission to do something badly.
The other goal is to finish something. I'm very good at starting things (I have 4 novels started), not so much at finishing.

My goal is NOT to write something good. In fact I am deliberately planning to write badly, break every literary rule I can think of, and enjoy the process.

So, wish me luck.

Hopefully, I will find the time and energy to post now and then along the way!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

this is my prayer

These are some of the prayers that frequently spill from my mouth:

"Empty me of me and fill me with You."

"I surrender all. If there is something I'm holding on to, show me, and help me let it go."

"Show me Your heart. Make me love what You love and hate what You hate."

"Help me to love."

"Help me."

"Give me a eternal perspective."

"Not my will but Yours be done."

"May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to You."

Sometimes --frequently-- all I can say is what is called the Kyrie:
"Christ have mercy."

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

crazy dreamin'

My dreams never make sense. They are always surreal, confusing, and often frustrating.
I seldom have what would be called nightmares, but often my dreams have a creepy feeling.

But, many times my dreams are very entertaining. Recently I had a dream that included Steve Martin (I considered showing him my impression of the Steve Martin dance, but decided against it), Todd Agnew (we were on the way to one of his concerts), and Duff.

Once, a long time ago, I dreamed I was in a TV show with Michael Landon. There was a cool song playing in the background and everything. I even sang it for a while after I woke up, but then it faded away. It probably made no sense, anyway.

Another time I dreamed I was making a movie with Chuck Norris. We were dodging bullets, dashing from doorway to tree. I knew it was all fake, so there was no fear, just fun.

What are your dreams like?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

the sinner

It's so easy to pray for those who have been sinned against. The abandoned woman. The betrayed husband. It's easy to pray for the child who has been abused or the victim of a random crime.

And that's good. These things all require our prayers. We need to reach out to these hurting people and love them.

But, do we think to pray for the man who left his family? The adulterous woman? The child abuser or criminal?

When Jesus was on earth, we don't see Him going to all the people who had been ripped off when they payed their taxes. He went to Zacchaeus. He didn't go minister to the spouse betrayed, He ministered to the betrayer. Time and again we see Him reaching out and touching the sinner. The one who caused pain.

Oh, I know that he ministered to the victims. I know that because I know Jesus. I know that he cares for them. Even now He reaches out and touches them, comforts and restores them.

But I think He knew that part would come easy for us. But how easy is it to pray for the man who abandoned your friend -- his wife, his children? How easy is it to pray for those whose sin affects so many around them like ripples on a pond.

I think we need to remember how Jesus loved. Whom He loved. And though it's not easy, we need to remember to pray for, and reach out to the sinners. Because, after all, isn't that each of us?

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Everything is easier when it's fun.
Fun is a great motivator as shown in this video:

Since I started homeschooling, I've wanted to make it as fun as possible. For me, learning is fun in and of itself. Well, most of the time.
But for my kids, maybe not so much. So how, I wonder can I make it fun for them?

What about making it fun to clean the house? Load the dishwasher? Keep up with laundry? (These are for me, not the kids)

Can I find a way to make it fun to say "thank you, mom" or "I'm sorry dear brother/sister?"

I guess some things just are what they are, but wouldn't it be better if most things were fun?

(Notice, if you write or say "fun" enough times it becomes a very silly word.)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

shared sorrow

The proverb says that sorrow shared is half the sorrow.

Lately I've been feeling a lot of sorrow. And it isn't mine. It's my friends'. So many are grieving. And my heart is heavy. I weep for them. I pray for them.

Is their pain less because I am hurting for them? Does it really make a difference? I wonder.

Can something like that even be measured?

Kathy lost her dad about two weeks ago.
Chris's mother died from a long bout with cancer about two weeks ago.
Claudia's husband died from a short bout with cancer a few weeks ago.
Tim's father drowned last week and his mother is fighting ovarian cancer.
My cousin Kathy died a couple of weeks ago.
And one friend found out her husband is having an affair and doesn't seem interested in giving it up.

Please pray for my friends if you think of them.