Friday, March 14, 2008


Why are the grumpies and the mopeys more contagious than the smileys?  How can I practice joy when I am surrounded by unhappy people?  How do I rise above and help pull them up instead of letting them pull me down?


  1. So Wonderful to see your beautiful face!! LOL

    It is so hard to be happy with a bunch of grumps!

  2. You just can't bring anyone up when they are wanting to be down. Being grumpy and down is like riding a bike down easy to keep going and hard to stop.

  3. I don't know about you, dear Kay, but I can sense when someone is forcing themselves to be happy when they are down. If you are unhappy I say, be where you are. HOWEVER, practice joy at the same time by reminding yourself of the truth. Jesus loves you right where you are. Jesus loves the grumpy you might encounter right where they are. This too will pass. God is in control.
    By the way, are you unhappy in this picture, or are you "on" something? :0)

  4. The thing is, I was not unhappy. I was in a fine and dandy mood. But other people were not and it rubbed off on me. How do I be immune to that? How do I prevent their bad moods making me in a bad mood?

    Robbie. I was on the couch. ha ha
    That's just one of my lovely natural expressions.

  5. are you referring to your family?

  6. I think its a great picture Kay. As for your question, I'm learning the answer now too... Dive deep into Jesus...

  7. I say, read some of the blogs family members have written and comments made. Some of them will make you laugh right out loud no matter what.

    Also, put on some really red lipstick out of the lines and make your eyebrows very dark. When your children see you, the expressions on their faces will make you laugh. This makes me smile just to think about it. Q


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