Saturday, March 29, 2008

no autographs please

When I was a teenager my mother, sister, friend and I were extras in a movie. We saw the ad in the paper, so we went out to a place outside of town along with a hundred or so other people.

We waited around in the hot sun for what seemed like a very long time.
The movie was so low budget that the leading lady borrowed my friend's Cover Girl compact for a touch up.

We finally got to do our part. We'd all been brain fried by the planets aligning or something like that, so we had to just walk along, zombie like in a big crowd. And whatever we did, we were NOT to look at the camera. He made that very clear. Numerous times.

Maybe you've heard of it... The Spirits of Jupiter? No? Wow. I'm so surprised.

We even went to the premier in our little theater in our little town. It was funny because the stars were acting as if it were a real premier, smiling for the one photographer that was there. Primping and posing.

We kept watching for ourselves in the film of course. There we were. Finally. Literally. We were the crowd of people marching along as the end credits rolled by. I did see myself because I had on a red shirt. So keep in mind if you ever get the chance to be an extra to wear red.


  1. Remember the music that they played to keep us intertained? I also remember them telling us it would just be a little while, a lot! The movie talked about miners and I thought it was about underage people, but it was about miners that work in a mine..duh. I really don't remember the movie except that it was very stupid and corny. I still have my certificate that they handed out (photocopied no less when I got it). I had forgotten what a great life I have had. xoxo

  2. Johnny Depp was here last week filming the Dillinger movie. I didn't apply to be an extra, but my sister's friend went to a shooting and took a bunch of pictures.

    I don't really have a desire to do movies, but I think its cool when people are extras. :)

  3. I am so jealous about being there for the shooting of Johnny Depp's film. I'm still trying to figure out how to get a copy of my second novel to him since he was the indirect inspiration for it. Good for your friend. Sounds like fun.

  4. So, are you saying being in a movie isn't all you had hoped for? But it made for good memories and a good story.

  5. Thanks for blogging on that. I couldn't remember the name of that show for anything. In fact, you remember more details than I do. I think if they had billed it as a spoof on sci fi it would have been popular, but, no, they billed it as a serious movie!!!

  6. Great advice. I doubt I'll ever have a chance to use it, but I'll keep it in mind.


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