Thursday, March 13, 2008

thursday thirteen

*Mel of Monday Through Sunday and her family arrived safely in FL yesterday - I imagine she will be online soon.*

Thirteen of my favorite words:
1 ubiquitous 
2 effervescent
3 anomaly -this is one of hubby's least favorite words, so I try not to use it around the house
4 quintessential
5 infinitesimal
6 asinine
7 preposterous
8 iridescent
9 Guadalajara - I don't get to use that one much.  
10 applicable
11 hullabaloo
12 languid
13 serendipity


  1. I was thinking of listing some of my favorite words on my blog, too, Kay. How funny. Maybe tomorrow. Isn't it interesting what words we enjoy?

  2. Nice list. I like #11 - hullabaloo - tickles the tongue. I like words that make you giggle just pronouncing them

  3. I like effervescent. It sounds like it is. I also like iridescent- how it looks and how it sounds. :)

  4. Good list. I like many words. I just can't think of them right now.
    Thanks. Q

  5. there was a preposterous hulabaloo in Guadalajara when I used the word effervescent with a languid asinine serendipity.

    Accidental PoetBlatherer

  6. onomonopia ("bang" "swish" "splash")

  7. Can you use them all in one very long sentence?

  8. I love the word ~ Lollygagging...makes me laugh!

  9. No, Nicholas, I cannot. But Accidental Poet came close.

    Mel, that's a good word, too. I am quite the lollygagger, actually.


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