Saturday, March 22, 2008


This is the same idea that I posted on last year, you can go back and read that one, too, if you want to.

There have been times in my life when I had great expectations and ideas of how things would turn out.  Wonderful dreams and plans.  But in an unexpected instant those dreams, hopes and plans were dashed.  It was as if I felt the globe turn and suddenly North was South and down was up.  

Ever been there?  

I think that's how it was for Jesus' disciples.  Even those who recognized that He was the long awaited Messiah, didn't really understand what that meant, I think.  We are earthly minded beings and I think they all expected an earthly revolution.

But now, on this day, He lay dead in a borrowed tomb.  Some of them had seen Him die.  Some of them had helped carry the body and wrap it in cloth.  He was dead.  His skin was ashen, His nails and lips blue, His limbs stiffened.  No hope.  Gone.

So I picture them sitting in the empty room just staring.  No one knows what to say.  They had a plan and a purpose and... now what?  So much excitement and emotional build up - - for this?

"This isn't what I expected.  This isn't what I had in mind.  I never planned for this.  What do I do now?"

All they could see was yesterday and today.  No matter how strong their faith, I don't think any of them imagined tomorrow.  They saw dashed hopes and empty dreams.  They saw lost and confused faces gazing at one another.  They saw fear and pain.  They had all lost one they loved dearly.  They had all been betrayed by a trusted friend.

They had no idea that the revolution going on was for their souls.  No idea that the spiritual realm was undergoing a vast restructuring.  What had belonged to the devil was taken away.  Paid for, Redeemed.  What had been his most powerful weapon -- death-- was losing its power.  
Sometimes when we lose what we long for, it's because something unimagined is being given in its place.  Don't lose hope.  Look to tomorrow!


  1. Good post, Kay. So often we neglect the true aspects of events which is always spiritual first and foremost. As you described, we are so earthly-minded. This is what we know. The beauty lies in Jesus sharing His very life with us, redeeming us within Him where we are safe no matter what . . .

    Broken, dashed dreams might mean we've been pursuing the wrong dream or coming at it from the wrong frame of mind. Been there done that . . . too many times.

  2. The disciples were all too human, just as we often are. They were looking with their physical eyes, not their spiritul. Sometimes the physical, earthly aspect of circumstances just totally blinds our spiritual eyesight for awhile.
    Goog blog. Thanks.

  3. Wonderful point ~ I have been there! I could just imagine...didn't a lot of them go back to fishing?

  4. Great post. So many people tend to see the natural before looking at thing from the spiritual point of view. Thanks for sharing. Happy Resurrection Sunday!!

    PS - You've been tagged!!

  5. Beautiful post, as I was reading it these thoughts flashed in my mind... He came in flesh and blood for the unenlightened could only comprehend whats tangible, As their beings riped, His earthly being's need to stay abated, gradually he fully dissipated in His followers' beings and they were fully enlightened, his earthly form left, as now he could stay in his followers who carried him forward. He is his message, He is faith, thus He still Is.

  6. Mel, I know that after Jesus appeared to them, they went back to fishing. That's where he found them, anyway, when he ate with them and asked Peter three times if he love Him. So they actually went back to that after they new he had resurrected. I think that is strange. I'd like to study that some.
    There is a book by Alton Gansky about the 40 days between His resurrection and His ascension. I plan to read it.

  7. The last two posts were awesome, thank you. My sin was clinging to me today and after reading your posts I sat down and asked for His forgiveness. Isn't it wonderful that we have His forgiveness even when we don't forgive ourselves? Halleluah! What A Savior!

  8. Loved this post!!! awesome!!! :)


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