Saturday, March 15, 2008

talking funny

I love to use words inappropriately.  Use a word to mean something that it doesn't mean, but sounds like it should mean.  I also like to mispronounce words to make them funnier.  My daddy taught me that one.  The thing is that people usually don't think I'm funny when I do these things.  They usually think I'm stupid.   I get corrected a lot.  Then I look at them like they are stupid because they don't know funny when they hear it.

I also have a favorite, all-purpose Spanish phrase.  Como se llama (Como-as in Perry, say yahma).  I KNOW that it means "What's your name."  But it's no fun in that context.  Instead, say my kid is upset and crying.  I hold my arms out to him, lovingly bidding him to me, while gently saying "como se llama?"
Or perhaps dinner is ready and they are outside.  I open the window and shout "como se llama!"
Hit myself in the thumb with a hammer...strong emphasis on llama.
It's all in the inflection.  Try it.  You could even pick a different Spanish phrase.  I think most of them would work.  Or try a different language.  Make sure you know what it really means.  You don't want to call your children bad names.  Also, don't do it in front of people who speak that language.  They will probably think you are stupid.


  1. Are you saying that doesn't mean "Come and see mama"? Your kids probably think it does. You're your daddy's daughter. I'm not that clever.

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  3. I love this idea. Kay, I think maybe you and I do have similar senses of humorses. I'm going to try it. I wish I had little kids to use it on. I think it may work on my husband. Or he may smack me. It's all good. Q

  4. LOL. If you were a twin, you would have you're very own language.

    Wanna make up a language? It could be fun.

  5. LOL...I remember talking to you about this...LOL!! I miss you!


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