Friday, August 1, 2008

pay no attention to me, its the heat

Hot.  It's hot.  I'm hot.  There is too much heat - everywhere.  You have to understand that I consider anything above 75 hot.  And it has been triple digits around here.  We don't have AC.  I am barely functioning.  I can't go on much longer....  I only have the energy to complain because it is morning and it is only 67 right now.  Thank God for cool nights.  And I'm pleading with him for rain.  Rain cools the air 20 degrees or more, plus, we are just going to shrivel up and blow away if we don't get some.

Ok, enough of that.
There are some movies that people rave about and I just don't get...
Some examples:
Bridget Jones Diary.  I hated that movie.  First of all, why not just cast a British actress?  Why use a girl who has a terrible phony accent?  I want to watch Miss Potter, but I don't think I will be able to stand it!  Second, what was so funny about it?  Maybe I just missed the humor because I was too busy gritting my teeth.

Jerry Maguire.   I just don't get what was good about that movie.  In fact, I don't even remember what it was about.  Some greedy guy?  "You had me at hello"?  Which was just sooo corny to me.

Pretty Woman.  I guess there is the knight on a white horse part.  And every girl dreams of being rescued by a rich, handsome man.  But still... I just don't think the movie is "all that".

Dirty Dancing.  The only good part in the whole movie is when whats-his-face says "Nobody puts Baby in a corner."  And then they dance.  The rest?  Gag.  A bratty girl defying her parents and sleeping with a gigalo who is on a mission to help his friend get an abortion?  Whatever.

Wow.  This post seems kinda snarky.  Sorry about that.  It's hot.


  1. A new movie that I don't even want to see is Mama Mia. A girl wants her father to walk her down the isle on her wedding day, but her mom doesn't know who out of 3 men are the dad?? Only good part would be the music, but really! And it isn't even hot here, well inside its not...outside hot and humid. Yuk!

  2. Kay, the heat has gotten to you. Wrap yourself in a wet sheet and sit in front of the fan. LOL! You know what is a pretty good movie? The new Journey to the Center of the Earth. It's funny, too.. go to the air conditioned theater. :) I didn't get Jerry McGuire either. Your weather sounds like one big long hot flash. Where's the rain!!!!!

  3. Praying you get your rain. Do you have a basement? We live in a three story townhouse and even though we have AC only the main level is comfortable year round. The basement is cooler, but nice in the summer and the upstairs is hot in the summer and cold in the winter (weird - you'd think it would always be hotter).

  4. I'll give you two that I do not get!! Dr. Zhivago and Bridges Over Madison County. Yuck! We all love a good adulterous story..gag!

    I totally agree..I hated all the movies you listed. I knew I liked you! :)

    I am sorry that it is so hot. I do understand! So many do not realize that few people actually have air there. You guys are actually hotter than us right now!!

  5. 3 things...

    1. I would rather scratch my own eyes out than live without airconditioning. (I just know God is going to send me to a remote village in Africa for the rest of my life for saying that.)

    2. Rain cools it down 20 degrees...oh man. How wonderful that would be. It just makes it 20% more humid here. If that's even possible.

    3. You hated "Bridget Jones' Diary"? Seriously? It is so funny! Maybe you've forgotten the single life...

  6. I hardly spend any time outside these days because of the heat ( and because I don't spend much time outside usually). But my workplace is very nice, and we keep the house airconditioned.

    I would love some rain.

  7. I'm with you on all these, Kay.

    Especially Jerry Maguire.
    I was forced to watch it three times because that's what my hosts had on and I DON'T GET IT.

    It's actually a bad movie. Not just okay, it's bad.

    Pretty Woman is awful. I guess I can understand why a lot of women like Dirty Dancing, but I'm sorry I ever watched it.

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  9. Don't worry, Kay. I even like you when you're snarky. Actually you're very entertaining when your snarky.


    The movie I never got and HATED is The English Patient. I felt like jumping up in the theater and screaming, "Die, die, die already--you low-down, sleazy adulterer!" But that's just me. Those two characters in that film created so much turmoil and caused people to die because of their selfish affair that I just could not muster any sympathy for them.

    A prisoner of hope,

  10. Dayle - you have a twitch today?

    Megan - Yes! That is another one! blech.

  11. LOL. You are so funny. Time to go hang out at the pool for the day.

  12. But Jan, that would be OutSide...
    And I don't swim. LOL

    Jen, maybe you're right but I hadn't been married very long when I saw it.

  13. Kay, I am sweating as I type. Cool showers help. Also eating out at restaurants. Doesn't that help everything? I loved all four movies you hated. And we are still friends. :0) Show me the money was a very funny scene in JM. The only bad part of Dirty Dancing to me was "No one puts Baby in the corner." :0) I think that is the corniest line EVER. But I am with everyone on the English Patient. The guy couldn't die soon enough for me. :0) Kay, it will get cool again....Keep hope alive!

  14. So now it's 12:45 and it's still 78. What is up with that? What is happening to our state! Oh, global warming, that must be it. LOL.

    Jen, I so agree with you, but then I'm high maintenance. :)

    BTW - I agree about all the movies. The only good part of Dirty Dancing was the actual dance part. I wanted to take lessons after that.

  15. Disregard that last user - it was actually me. What I mean is, I was helping Mom with her blog and forgot to log out of her account. So, it was me, though it's almost funnier coming from her. LOL. Oh, and I'll blame it on the heat since that's going to be awfully easy to do for the next week.

  16. I love this! You should post more often while this heat wave is affecting you. :)

  17. Jan's Mom was sounding different I thought. Thats funny. Try to see how much you can blame on the heat this week.

  18. See, if we'd just go back to that old "conservative" preaching, we wouldn't all be going to movies!!
    (: :) So, see there! LOL I haven't seen any of those. Those are supposed to be two smiling faces, does that work, or did I say something else?

  19. Rain makes it more humid here too - cooler for a short time but the air is still thick...


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