Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It is raining, raining, raining!


  1. I love the frog header. :)

    And I love the rain!!

  2. Your froggy is cute! It rained a few places around us but not on us!

  3. Love the frog too.

    We got very little rain here. What's up with that? Are you sure we're in the same city? Megan even got hail. We had none.

  4. Jan,
    we had hail, too. And there was apparently standing water by King Soopers - there were warning signs still out when i drove by. There was a river flowing through the glf course behind my house. We got your share of the rain, I guess! It was wonderful!

  5. Yea on the rain! I hope it cools things down for you.

    I like your frog header too!

  6. Kay I was just scrolling through your blog list and had to chuckle as I saw Accidental Poet's last blog entry "Hi, I'm stupid" and right below it is mine with "I am strange!" Guess I better run off and read about being stupid :)


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