Friday, August 29, 2008


As you may know, I'm not a big fan of politics.
So, I didn't listen to Obama's speech last night.
But I'll tell you what.  Regardless of my personal opinions of the man, (and I do have some), I do think it is pretty cool to see this happen.  I was born in the middle of the sixties.  Race riots, segregation, civil rights campaigns were all the news back then.  And in my lifetime, (which hasn't been that long) we've gone from "blacks in the back"  to an African American running for president.
No matter what your politics, you've got to admit, it's pretty nice to see how far we've come.


  1. Wonderful, isn't it? And 45 years ago yesterday, Martin Luther King Jr. made his famous "I Have a Dream" speech in Washington, D.C. To see Obama 45 years later accept the Democratic Nomination for president was quite thrilling. His speech was fabulous, by the way. I look forward to watching McCain's.

  2. Very cool, too: Condoleeza Rice, Clarence Thomas.

  3. When the day comes that no one mentions someone's "race" in the news report or newspaper report, concerning an accomplishment, then it will no longer be an issue. For instance, in a Colorado city a few years ago, it was reported that 12 men graduated from the police academy. It was proudly pointed out that the class included one African-American. The first in so many years, etc. I say, why did they have to point that out? Couldn't they just say, "12 men graduated from the police academy?" They are merely pointing out the fact that "we are so wonderful, see what we did? We included a black man."

    My opinion, folks! Just my opinion.

  4. Yes, this is an historic election. The first black man to accept a democratic nomination and the first Republican woman VP. What a wonderful election this is going to be!


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