Thursday, August 21, 2008

thursday thirteen

Truth is, I am having hormonal upheaval.  Sorry males -- deal with it.  Anyway, I feel actually rather mean.  I kinda feel like knocking people down and saying mean things to them as they hit the ground.  
The best thing really would be for me to go to a cabin in the mountains by a lovely stream all by myself for a few days - or weeks.  But you know...
So, my TT is about things that irritate me.

1. Word verification boxes on blogs.  If I don't comment often on your blog and you have one of those things... well...  Honestly, I have to do them an average of four times to get it right!  I realize that may be my own personal problem, but that doesn't diminish the  irritation factor.

2. The phrase "point taken."  I don't know why.  It just does.

3. My dirty house.  

4. People who move out to the boonies and then complain about the wildlife.

5. PC.  Political Correctness.  Super-sensitivity.  Hyper-offendedness.  Enough already.

6. Politics.

7. Aggressive drivers.

8. People talking on their cells All - The - Time.

9. When people are too busy.  No time for anything because they are soooo busy.

10. This guy at the deli one time was being crude about a pickle and grinning at me, like I was supposed to swoon.  And then he smacked his teenaged kid up side the head.  Man, that really irritated me!  So, I guess jerks.  Jerks irritate me.

11. My dog pooping in the house when I leave her alone... grrr.

12. Whining. I mostly mean the tone of voice.  It seems to be used a lot around here.  (I'm not whining, mind you.  I'm sharing my heart.)

13. Mean people.  Mean people really irritate me.

Ok, well, that didn't make me feel any better, but it was kinda fun!
Please, don't be afraid.  I am doing my best to be nice.  

During Ronald Reagan's funeral the priest talked about how sweet Mr. Reagan was even in the midst of that disease that had stolen his mind.  His comment was that the Fruit of the Spirit was so present in his life that it outweighed the negative affects of the Alzheimer's. 
That is always my prayer in times like this.   I feel as if my mind has been overtaken by raging hormones, but God is bigger.  I pray that His Spirit will be in control and shine through me.


  1. I will get rid of my word verification..for you. :)

  2. Aww, Mel. You're swell! If you are inundated with spam, then put it back for goodness sake.

    Wanna come clean my house, too? I'll give you lunch!

  3. Kay, Love the kitty picture and the picture above by your comment! Listen, I got eaten by a computer virus that began when someone commented on my blog. I opened it and KABOOM. So, I'm sorry but I have to have word verification. Love your list. I am with you on many of them, especially #11 since I live with a dog whose colon blows often!

  4. Hey, Robbie, I'm not asking anyone to change anything to make me happy. You know. You gotta do what you gotta do. I don't blame you one bit! Just ignore the cussing when I'm trying to enter the code ;)

    All of you can whine and verify and talk on your cells and be PC all you want! Really. I'm not trying to change the world here. I can go with the flow. A little irritation is ok - usually.

  5. After reading Robbie's comment..I may As for cleaning your house..if I lived closer I would come help! :)

  6. thanks for saying that comment about Reagan. My grandma had dementia - went to heaven May 2007 and I give that same testimony of her. Her mind and soul were so so so marinated in the Word that even when she didn't know anything else - she could always complete verses that I finished --- INCREDIBLE.


  7. I'm with you on #1, #4 and #8. Sometimes I visit a blog for TT and if there is a WV box, I don't bother to comment.

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

    Happy TT!

  8. Hi, Kay!

    I am totally with you on the cell phone "ALL-THE-TIME" thing and the overly-busy people, who sit at home watching TV. I mean, come on, DVR that favorite program.

  9. I don't want a virus on my computer. I might have to put that thing on my comments, but not to annoy you, just to protect my computer. A lot of things bother me sometimes too.

  10. I'm with you on 1 and 3 (not your dirty house - mine). As for #1 I too have to try multiple times to get it right sometimes they are so fuzzy or pushed to closely together that I can't make them out.

  11. Hey, someone has been messing with your blog? There are paper punch circles all over it! Actually, it's pretty and much easier to read. Regarding the WV thingy, if it's complicated, I'll deliberately do it wrong and an easier one usually comes up. I am suspicious about your hormonal upsets. I ended up going to a doctor because I was so mean and irritable and was pre-you-know- what.

  12. I agree with you. I hate the word verification too. that's why I don't have it on my blog. I may need to at some time but not now

    Hormone issues are really difficult. I hear exercise helps. I know, add that to one of your irritations.:)

  13. Add sitcom music playing on blogs. I hate that.

  14. Amen! I say that prayer so often it should be scalded into my brain yet I still have to pray it whenever I'm in an emotional/hormonal quagmire. God bless!

  15. Hey. I appreciate what you are doing here. As I am about to get married, this post will come in real handy. I just stumbled into your blog and saw that you and I have a common interest in Sasquatch. You should probably check out the story I just wrote about my Yeti-hunting expedition, which started deep in the woods of Arkansas, and is now headed to Australia.


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