Thursday, August 7, 2008

thursday thirteen

A couple of weeks ago I did my least favorites, so today I will do my favorites.

1. Favorite color - Red or green - it varies depending on my mood.

2. Favorite smell - pine after a rain.

3. Favorite sound - my kids laughing with each other, rather than at each other.

4. Favorite movie (that I've seen) - The Princess Bride.

5. Favorite TV show (that I've seen)- Monk

6. Favorite indoor chore - eww, well, maybe dusting - but I never do it.

7. Favorite outdoor chore - getting the mail.

8. Favorite song - today it is My Jesus by Todd Agnew

9. Favorite food - One single item would be cheese or potatoes.  But type of food would be Middle Eastern, Indian, or Greek

10. Favorite drink - AW Rootbeer

11. Favorite tactile feeling - velvet

12. Favorite emotion - nostalgia

13. Favorite place - on a mountain.


  1. So by the choice of your colors I can tell you are always in the mood for Christmas!

  2. I like your list. Green and red are my favorites too.

  3. Your outdoor thingy cracked me up!

  4. Your food favorites are because we fed you that stuff when you were a child. NOT! Enjoyed your list. Some things I didn't even know about you. :)

  5. BTW - those are my high school colors. Go Buffs!

  6. Great List. Love the one with the kids happily playing and laughing - must be music to all mother's ears


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