Sunday, August 3, 2008

ack, the sun

I think I have the opposite of SAD.  You know, that disorder where people get depressed without sunshine?

I get depressed when the sun does shine.  I mean, I don't mind it for a few days.  I wouldn't want to never have sunshine.  But day after day after day....  The longer it is sunny, the more depressed I get.  And of course the heat makes it worse.  But even in the winter, when the temps are down, I get great relief from a cloudy day.

I know.   Leave it to me.  But I'm not the only one.  It is a verified disorder.  I read an article about Dorothy Hamill of haircut fame and she has it.  The reason she took up ice skating in the first place was because she felt so much better in the ice rink where it was cool and not all bright and sunny.

I love the idea of the sun.  I love drawing happy little suns.  I love songs about the sun.  "Walking on sunshine... oh yeah."  The sun is supposed to be a happy, friendly thing, but the way I feel when it's unrelentingly sunny is attacked.  Accosted.  Abused.  Really.  

I'm not trying to complain.  I'm trying to explain.  You can tease me.  I like being teased.  I also would appreciate your prayers because it truly is getting me down.


  1. Poor baby! You should live in a dreary land where the sun only plays peek-a-boo a few times a day.
    Maybe you associate sunshine with outside, and we know how you feel about outside. Or with work, such as outside work...lawnmowing, weeding, sweating, ditch digging? Maybe you will have wonderful, clear, baby white skin when all of the others have wrinkled up leather faces?

  2. Maybe you should live in Seattle where it is always gloomy. I'm sorry you have this disorder. What do they call it?

    I have SAD and suffered quite a bit this last winter. I love the sunshine. I keep the sun roof shade open all the time, even when it's hot outside, that's what the AC is for. I hate dark and dreary.

    I love the sun.Did I say that already? That's why I love summer, even when it's hot. I love snow in the winter because it brightens things up. I hate when it's cloudy more than one day in a row

  3. I think I might like Seattle or somewhere like that, except it's humid, I think.

    They just call it reverse SAD. Wouldn't that be HAPPY?

  4. I posted a link on my Facebook for your type of SAD. This site calls it SAD with summer manifestation. Yours revs up in the summer rather than the winter as it does for me. You should have a dark room or basement you can relax in so without windows so you can decompress in the summer. You should always use a/c. A Movie theater would be a good spot too. (((h))))

  5. Seattle is not humid at all. It is perfect weather. I lived there for six years of my life. Never gets real cold..will snow..but maybe a few inches. The whole place shuts down if it does get the inches. It hardly ever gets into the 90's..very unusual. It is beautiful..mountains..tropical plants, sound, ocean, and it does rain. I never noticed it being so gloomy. I loved it! When it would was like a mist or something. I remember playing in it. I would live in West Washington again.

  6. Mel, sounds perfect except for the snow part. I want lots of snow in the winter! Lots!

  7. Well, maybe you could put your office in that basement! But, no, you said you wanted it by the window. Boy, girl, I'm confused now. Just kidding....

  8. I've never heard of reverse SAD. Learn new things every day. I hope you find a way to make it work for you.


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