Tuesday, August 5, 2008


One time a friend said, "There is only one thing we have that we can give to God.  Do you know what it is?"  I said, "Ourselves."  Which I believe is true.  I'm a big proponent of surrender.  But she said, "Our worship."

The past several churches we've attended - going back years- are places where people feel comfortable raising their hands as they worship the Lord.  In one church people knelt, or stood or sat according to what they were led to do rather than worrying about what other people would think.   I love that kind of openness to the Spirit.

The church we go to now has a couple of people who dance a little bit.  A few months ago I was able to visit the Anglican church we used to attend and at the end of the service the South African Pastor was dancing sort of hoe-down style to "I'll Fly Away."  It was joyous!  He wasn't making a spectacle; he was down in an area not everyone could see.  But he was overflowing because he had just returned from Cuba where he had seen God work in mighty ways.  Should we not express that joy?  That worship?  A couple of nearby children joined him and it was wonderful.

I sometimes put on praise music and dance in my worship.  I don't do it in public - it would be a spectacle

My friend Michelle at Just a Minute prays with colored pencils in hand and draws her prayers.  She has examples on her blog.

I sing.  That's not very creative or pleasant, but it is a way I worship.

Sometimes I simply sit.  I try to be as still in body and mind as possible and just listen.  "Lord speak to me."  And I listen.  Especially if there is something specific I am needing direction on.

I read books.  Good books by godly men and women that deepen my faith.  Even fiction frequently leads me to a place of worship.

Sometimes I lie flat out on my face and  just let Him be God.  

I can sit here and look out my window and worship.  Being on a mountain or at a lake or in some other beautiful natural setting always inspires me to praise.

I pray.  I often pray during the singing time at church rather than sing.  So often the words to the songs spur prayers of wonder or confession.  I pray in the car, in the shower, in bed, while watching TV, while reading, while eating, while visiting with friends.  I pray when I shop, when I have questions and problems, when I am overwhelmed.  I pray when I sin, when I am in a tight spot.  I pray.  My prayers are incense that rises up before God on his throne and he delights in them.  (look in Revelation)

What are some ways that you worship?  Or maybe what are some situations or surroundings that are conducive to worship?


  1. I agree that the best gift we can give God is our worship. I am just now getting to the point where I can lift my hands in praise at church and not give a hoot what anyone else thinks. It's taken me a long time to get here though.

    Oh, and I'd love to read your balanced brain results :)

  2. All of the above. :) And since you mentioned my doodling as prayer, I'll say that my mind is usually in a thousand places during prayer and the praying in color is the only thing that helps me focus. I haven't figured out why though.

  3. Wonderful post...there are so many ways to worship Him. Dancing, lifting my hands, being quiet, prayer, Words. I find also..it is hard for me not to worship Him in wondrous creation..i.e. ocean, mountains..even a powerful lightning storm..or the birth of my children...or my wedding day.

  4. Great post Kay! I like all the comments above too!

  5. Hummmm re:dancing :>) I talk to God a lot of the time about one thing or another, probably more that than formal prayer.


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