Wednesday, August 13, 2008

what praise is

Praise and thanksgiving aren't exactly the same thing.  They are very close and even intertwined somewhat, but not identical.
I think of giving thanks being about what God does and praise being about who God is.  It's like the difference between your husband saying, "Thank you for the great dinner."  And "You are the best cook I know."

Praising God has to do with His character.  A great way to learn to praise Him more is to study Him more.  Learn more about Who He Is by studying His names, for example.

Praising Him is telling Him all about how wonderful He is.  "Lord, you are mighty.  You are powerful beyond comprehension.  You formed the entire universe in the palm of your hand and I cannot begin to grasp that.  You are amazing and just and holy.  And beyond that you are merciful and gracious.  You love beyond comprehension and forgive the unforgivable.  You are God and you alone deserve my praise."

Some days I decide that all of my prayers for the day will be only praise.  He doesn't need for me to tell Him my problems.  He already knows what they are.  If I skip them for one day, He won't neglect them.  

Imagine if for just one day my children didn't ask for a single thing.  Not one request or demand.  They didn't make one single complaint.  All they did all day was tell me what a wonderful mother I am, how beautiful, kind and generous I am.  What if they only praised me all day long?  Well... Wow.  I think our Father appreciates it just as much as I would.

That's been my goal for today.  Just praise.  And maybe a little thanksgiving thrown in. 


  1. Wow.

    I really needed to hear that today.

    signed one of God's whiners. ;)

  2. Hi Kay, Great post. My son is away on vacation--so, he isn't close enough to ask for anything. Come to think of it, that is nice. We'll see how it goes when he gets vack from the Adirondack Mountains...hehe

  3. great post! :) thank you so much

  4. Really great post! You preach it Sista! I especially loved this line: "He doesn't need for me to tell Him my problems. He already knows what they are. If I skip them for one day, He won't neglect them."

  5. I'll bet God's face is really shining on you today, His beautiful and much loved daughter.

  6. Now, understand, I don't want to stir up a hornet's nest, but....
    That song that says, "You are worthy, You are worthy of my praise"? It makes me uncomfortable to say that only God is worthy of MY praise, because it sounds like I think I AM MYSELF so great that HE is the only one who deserves MY praise. I know I'm being peculiar regarding this, but it bothers me for some reason.

  7. Thanks for the beautiful Bethany singing children. They blessed my heart. Also so thankful for God great love.


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