Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I guess everyone knows that we are having the Democratic Convention here in Denver this week.  If you are interested in that, my friend Jan at Bold and Free is actually participating and sharing on her blog.

I really am not interested in Politics.  I was a little more interested earlier in the campaign when there were some choices.  But now that it's narrowed down to bad or worse, well... I'm just tired of hearing about it all.  

I'm not an anarchist or anything.  And no matter who the President is, I don't like all the jokes and crude stuff that's out there.  I think the position itself warrants some level of respect.  Seems like that's been lost.  Sure we are free to say whatever we want, but I think the general attitude about the Presidency is kind of sad.  I don't know how many people use that as the ultimate of possibilities for their kids anymore.

I am thankful for our freedom and for our voice.  I am so grateful that I can vote and I do vote.  I just don't particularly want to talk about it, or hear about it, or watch it on TV.  That isn't interesting at all to me.  

I would like for it to go something like this:
Here are the candidates and here is where you can get info about their history - what they've done, where they stand.  Then nothing.  Shhhh.  Just leave us alone to think about it. No more campaigns.  It's all based on what they've done, not what they say they will do.  Then it's vote day.  Silence.  Nothing until all the votes are counted.  Then they announce the winner and we go on with our lives!  That would be cool.


  1. There is something very fascinating to me about politics. I like finding out for myself where they stand..what they want to do. I would say that the way things are you have to. If all your info comes from only one arena..you will get a biased view. I think politics would be a lot healthier if we actually had a venue that reported the facts and left out their opinion. We do not have that.

    I cannot listen to what is going on all the time. It depresses me too much! I get so frustrated! During these times..I find myself separating myself and looking to the Lord. There is so much we do not see. I also need His wisdom! I do not like either candidates this year.

  2. Kay, I like politics in that it fascinates me to watch passionate people. And there are many, many passionate people on both sides of the coin this year. I feel that this is a really exciting year, too, because there is really no clear winner yet. It is a good race. Am I tired of all the commercials? You betha. But as I watched the DNC on TV last night, I felt grateful to have a country that is free to get excited about politics or free to argue about politics or free to turn off the TV!

  3. I agree completely about the president being respected. I know I couldn't do the job.

    My ultimate goal for my kids is for them to live their lives for Christ, whatever that looks like for them.

  4. I'm with you, Kay. I don't really listen to the programs. I usually talk things over with my husband before I vote, and I hear a few things. Apparently that is enough for me.

    Things on this earth will not be right until Christ comes back as King. Then we will have the very best Leader.

  5. I also agree with you Kay. But I really don't like people bashing the president, when I know that they couldn't even run a McDonalds. There is a lot we don't know that goes on all the time, and to judge the whole presidency based on biased reports is wrong. I will be respectful to whomever wins, because I know it's all in God's hands. Tell you what! Try explaining politics to your kids when they ask. That's a task and a half!

  6. Politics...its loaded...my husband has very definite opinions on his party and who he votes for...my opinions though similar aren't as cut and dried. I tend to go more with my values than a particular party.

    I like all the comments above - they all make sense. I like what Julie said about respecting the president and entrusting it to God's hands.

    My eight year old daughter has said for at least two maybe three years that she is going to be the first woman president. At first I thought it was cute and then I began to think what a hard life it would be for her. So many people dislike presidents when they stand firm on their values and I know my daughter would. What I want for my children is exactly what Melissa said above...

    "My ultimate goal for my kids is for them to live their lives for Christ, whatever that looks like for them."

    Pray for our country, pray for our families...

  7. Kay, you might like it tonight. They are doing the convention on Fox News (42 if you have cable) in mystery science theater style.

    I think the whole process used to be more like what you said you wanted. Why back in the day.

    Just to be clear, I'm not participating in the convention itself, I'm merely hanging around the outskirts and enjoying the festivities. I don't think they let me Republicans into the Democratic convention. But if they did, I'd probably go if I could get tickets. :)

  8. Oh, thanks for the link. See you tonight?

  9. Jan you sound like my husband - he would totally do that and wear his badges for the Republican party.

    I on the other hand would skip it because I don't like to stir the political pot.

  10. Interesting perspective. Respect should be for either party. I know for myself I have been convicted that I need to pray for the President and repect the office. Regardless of who is in office it is God's choice in the end. Everything has been pre-ordained.

  11. Let's just pray that God won't give us the president that we deserve, considering how this country has kicked him out of its business. Note that the Democratic Convention has scheduled several events about faith, and have opened and closed with prayer on some occasions. Do you think they're trying to win over some of those awful "religious right" people they complain about? Political maneuvers are basically big games that people play. Whoever plays the best game, wins. Unfortunately, sometimes it makes a big difference given enough time.

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  13. You know, I have some of that same attitude... especially when it comes to the ads. I honestly hate turning on my tv right now.


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