Monday, August 25, 2008

close encounters

We talk so much about the goodness of God and His grace and mercy.  We call Him Abba and run to Him and climb in to His lap.  All of this is good and right.  It is Scriptural and true.

But I think we have neglected the fear of God.  I think we forget how powerful and awesome and just and fierce He is.  

Have you ever trembled in His presence?  I hadn't.  Not until yesterday morning.  We were singing a song about the veil being torn and being able to enter into the Holy of Holies and I just love all of the symbolism in that.  And as usual I was so full of gratitude and joy that I can come into God's presence on my own, when suddenly I felt overwhelmed by his God-ness and the thought came to me, "why on earth would I want to?"  

I was stunned by His majesty.  I was in awe.  I was humbled and I was physically trembling.  Not with fear for my life.  Not because I am a worm.  Simply because He sits on a throne from which flows the river of life and a river of fire.  Beside Him sits a lamb, with hair white as wool and eyes like lightening and  a voice of thunder.  Angels surround his throne and He is beyond description.  Moses could not look upon His face and live.  Throughout scripture people fall down as though dead at the sight of the Angel of the LORD.  This is the God who's presence I want to enter?  

It was an amazing experience.  It is wonderful to serve such a gracious, loving God and that wonder is multiplied when I think of what He is capable of.  When I am given the tiniest glimpse of His glory.  When I realize his fearsomeness and yet know that He wants me there.  He wants me to enter in.
I hesitated to share the experience for fear that I can't do it justice; for fear that you will not understand.  But I wanted to try.

Later in the day we had tornado warnings.  That's very rare for Colorado, especially this part of Colorado.  Around seven funnel clouds were spotted and three touched down.  Funnel clouds were spotted in our neighborhood and one of the tornados was in our town.  There was no damage, thank God.  
The thing is, I have always been absolutely terrified of tornados.  I've always dreaded the thought of being anywhere near one.  And yet, throughout the entire time, I had complete peace.  I don't think my heartbeat even increased.  No trembling.  Just peace; sitting in my Abba's lap.

God is awesome.  He is incredible.  I pray that He continues to remind me of that.


  1. I totally get what you are saying, Kay. In fact, I have been thinking on this very thing for several days now. How comfortable we are with God (which is good) yet how often we (meaning me) forget exactly Who He Is - and that He should be reverenced and feared (in the sense of awe not scared). Awe draws you TO itself, not away in fear.

    Good word, Kay.

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  3. Right on, Kay! I have been thinking about how I get so familiar with God as my Friend, I forget He is the Creator of everything. I don't experience awe when I watch the wind rustle leaves or a couple of squirrels play tag. He is Awesome. Great Post, Kay!

  4. Great post. You're right. We have often neglected the fear of God and the awe and trembling.


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