Saturday, August 16, 2008

what i'm not

~ afraid of bugs
~ organized
~ a good singer
~ a sports fan
~ easily impressed
~ athletic
~ coordinated
~ too thin
~ too fat
~ toned and muscular
~ a total sissy
~ completely hopeless
~ good with names
~ a swimmer
~ energetic
~ emotionally stable - well, ok, sort of, but not totally.  My moods vary way too much according to what's going on around me.
~ a good housekeeper
~ too busy for people
~ as compassionate as I'd like to be
~ a go-getter
~ hard to get along with, (I think)
~ everything I would like to be
~ finished - Thank God.  I'm still a work in progress. 


  1. You are ~ wonderful and a great friend!

  2. very nice! hahahahaha

  3. Are spiders bugs? Because seems to me that I've had to remove spiders from your room growing up.

  4. It's called "What I'm not" Not "what i've never been"

  5. Great list, but you missed one. You're not a phony. You're the real deal, Kay. And thank God for that.

    A prisoner of hope,


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