Thursday, August 28, 2008

thursday thirteen

Thirteen of the best candies from my childhood.  Notice there is no chocolate.  Chocolate goes without saying and may have a TT of its own sometime.

Gobstoppers may have been my ultimate favorite.

I liked apple, watermelon and FireStix flavors the best!  And the stix were way better than the little chunky things.
Makes me pucker just to think of these.

I had a real love/hate relationship with these things.  The wax was so nasty and then the liquid was good and yet strong and I wasn't sure I really  liked it, but it WAS candy, after all.
Zotz were awesome.  They had something fizzy and sour in the middle.

Candy and Jewelry combined!  How could you go wrong?
My favorite was the root beer cap.
We could be so cool, at six.
I really only ate these when there wasn't any better choice.  I particularly associate them with garages.  We would take the car in for whatever, (how should I know) and they had those machines you could put a penny in and get a handful of candy.  Often, these were the only offering and so I would, of course, have some.  They are candy, after all.

What kid doesn't like Pixy Stix?


  1. The candy I ate when I was young is not made any more.Sad!I tried buying some when I went home.

  2. mmmmmmmmmmm!! What a yummy TT! Kings, pixy sticks, green jolly ranchers, and I was the same about the wax thingys! :)

  3. yyuuuummm :) I want all of them! NOW :)

  4. Love Atomic Fireballs. Didn't know they existed until I was an adult. Love 'em.

  5. I enjoyed all of those plus root beer barrels and laughy taffy, and big hunk candy bars-which you can only find in CO, and not here. I didn't like the wax candy...too much work to eat. I think (remember)Dad had the boston bean candys, and when we wanted some that was just the kind he had, and like you said, it was candy. Kinda like the cheese we ate in order to stay up late past bedtime.

  6. Yum! How I miss being able to walk around with a candy necklace circling my throat! *sigh* This is a great list, I remember every one of these except Nik-L-Nip...

    Happy TT!

  7. My five year old son was sitting on what's left of my lap when I opened this page and you should have seen the look of glee on his face as he saw the candy appear.

  8. Taffy.......mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Those candy necklaces were so much fun.

  9. It always entralled me how the girls could wear those candy necklaces and then eat them, hair and all...

  10. Must confess - I could never get into the candy jewelry - couldn't wear it then eat it...


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