Monday, August 18, 2008

new blogs

If you have a tween-aged girl, send her over to Nancy Rue's blog Tween You and Me.  It's on my sidebar.  She is having a contest and will give away 10 pounds of books to the winner!

Nancy has some wonderful fiction for adults, but her heart beats for young girls.  She has written many books for that age.  Go to her blog and check it out if you have girls between, what?  9 and 13?  


  1. On my way - thanks! I'm always looking for new authors and good books for my daughter who loves to read as much as I do!

  2. T is only 8..does that count? She seems like a tween...lately! I will check it out..:)

  3. Mel, my daughter is also 8, but she loves to read, so I'm going to check to see if our library has some books by this author. Its harder to find good Christian literature for kids than it is for adults at least at our library. But there are lots of older books that are great for them. One book I checked out for my daughter a year or so ago without previewing shocked be (it was even an old book) because it had cursing in it. How is that necessary for children?

  4. Mel -

    older books as in publication date and not necessarily Christian like Little House books, etc.

    Has your daughter gotten into the Life of Faith books. Life of Faith has dolls similar to American girl and Christian stories that go along with them. The LOF dolls are VERY expensive, but my MIL bought some for my daughter.

  5. No..but I will look into it..Thanks Robin!

  6. Here is the link to Nancy's books on Amazon. The prices aren't bad and used books are really affordable - in case you can't find them at the libraries. Also, this way you can see if they look like things your girls are interested in.


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