Friday, February 1, 2008

trust everyone

As a follow up to my earlier post on trust:
Because I know that all people are imperfect and likely to disappoint me, I can trust them.
If I expected them to be perfect and never fail and then trusted them, I would surely be terribly hurt, maybe even devastated, and at that point I would most likely choose to never trust anyone again.
But since I don't place that kind of expectation on them, I can trust them.
Make sense? No?
Well, in trying to think of an allegory, I came up with a very poor one, but it will have to do. It doesn't make sense, but ignore that part.
Say I'm hanging from a cliff and all I have to hold on to is a thin, frail vine. So, I clutch it and rely on it, but the thing is that I happen to know that right under my toes, (they are firmly planted on it) is a huge, immoble boulder.
So, I know that if the vine breaks, I'm not going to be destroyed. I might be jarred a little. Get a little shock. But that's about it. While I was hoping the vine would hold me up, (that's the part that doesn't make sense -- ignore it) I knew that it may not, and I wasn't terribly concerned because my ultimate trust is in the solid, unchanging rock beneath my feet.
Therefore, because I can ultimate trust only One, I can trust everyone.


  1. I followed you. Nice.

  2. I see, made me think.

  3. wow..totally makes sense. Hope you are doing alright.

  4. I get it, but I don't get it if you know what I mean. It makes sense, but I struggle...


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