Wednesday, February 20, 2008

what are you full of?

Once, several years ago, we got in a car accident. We did kinda like Bo and Luke Duke and took a flying leap into some grumpy guy's front yard. As we came to the end of the road, literally, and I saw a four foot embankment looming in front of our car, I said a not so nice word. Not the worst word. But not really the word that I want to utter in the moment of my death.

I was in a rough place in those days. In a new city where I wasn't feeling at home. Didn't have any friends yet. Not really engrafted into our church. Just lots of stuff going on. I'm not making excuses, just giving the facts.

I was praying, I do remember that, but I don't remember if I was in the Word or not.

Anyway, in general, I had a bad attitude.

Before we crashed into and jumped the embankment, we crossed a highway. Hubby said that the angels must have been watching over us because we could have easily been killed by an oncoming car. I said, "If the angels were watching over us this wouldn't have happened at all!" Grrr

If you squeeze an orange, what do you expect to get out of it?
If I've filled that orange with ink and you squeeze it, what do you think you'll get out of it? It still looks and smells like an orange. It still is an orange. But you get out whatever is in there. duh, I know.
So, my question is, what are you full of? What comes out of you when the sqeeze is on?


  1. Our bird,"flip", tried to kill my finger and made a hole in it and it bled. :(, Doodle being near was the only thing that kept ink from coming out of MY orange. I realized just what you said. hmmm, guess I know what I need to do.

  2. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks..huh! What a great metaphor!! I love it!

  3. Great post and really makes you stop and think..

    I enjoy your blog - please stop by my new blog

    have a good day...M

  4. Good post! And it's so true. I hope I'm filled with the right things -- that's what I try to pour into myself.

  5. I think I know what that word was. The same one that sometimes unwillingly comes out of my mouth. I always have to ask God to forgive me and I am always embarrassed. Not a curse word, though.

  6. Kay, wonderful orange juice, girl! You made me think! :0)

  7. Apparently Mel is full of chocolate. ;) What a scary time. I'm glad God was watching out for you.

    I tagged you. :)


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