Tuesday, February 12, 2008

drum roll please...

Out of eight people, the one who won the copy of Justice in the Burbs, the one whose name was drawn randomly by my son is...
Sonya!! at Mo Mhile Gra! Hooray and congratulations!
E-mail me at keep1hope at comcast dot net to give me your address, please.


  1. Well, congrats to Sonya! That boy of yours is such a gem. If B or A drew the name I would believe it was fixed :) I will trade you either or both of your kids for one of mine. We are out of school and tomorrow is day 3!!! Ice, ice, and oh yeah, ice!

  2. Wonderful! Thank you so much for the opportunity! I look forward to reading this one! Sounds like a fun read!

  3. I submitted my comment a little too early :-o) I was going to add that I am currently reading another Lisa Samson book that has me in stitches. I watched the youtube clip of the Samson's talking about Justice in the Burbs and it excites me to have the opportunity to read it!

  4. Congrats Sonya, Its a terrific book!


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