Tuesday, February 26, 2008

things change

When my girl was born, she hated being restrained in any way. She screamed if we swaddled her. She hated the Snuggli carrier. She didn't even particularly like being held. She wanted to just lie on the floor in glorious freedom and look around. She didn't like warm sleepers and would cry until we changed her into something cooler.

My boy, on the other hand, loved to be swaddled, held, carried in the Snuggli, coddled, and loved the warm sleepers.

Now... my he sleeps with barely one blanket on. My girl sleeps with about six.

I used to dream of living in the country. I wanted a house out in the middle of nowhere with plenty of land and a dirt road. I honestly longed to live on a dirt road. I wanted my nearest neighbor to be at least a block away.

Now, when we drive by those type of places, I still feel some longing. But mostly I think of what a pain it would be to drive that far to the store/doctor/church/school/everything. And how lonely it would be to not have any neighbors or easy access to lunch with friends!

I can think of so many examples of things I used to like, but don't now. Or ideas I used to have that have changed.

I used to think that if someone cracked their head open baby chicks would come out. But I don't think that anymore.

What about you? What is something that has changed in your life?


  1. There is still a longing in me to have chickens and cows and be a farmer..but there is no Panera Bread out there and Starbucks or Khols and I really like people..where we are living in Florida is in the country in a way..but all my fun stuff is within 10 minutes away..

    With my childhood as it was..I long for stability..and I still long for that more than anything in my life.

  2. I think Grandma R. told us that our heads would crack open like an egg or something, because I also thought baby chicks would come out. But again I also thought that a certain aunt that I had owned a girl eating-white- fluffy- monster pillow that just waited for me to go to sleep so it could eat me. And I know Grandma didn't tell me that. hmmmmmmm, I wonder who.

  3. oh I still have the Aunt by the way, past tense was by mistake

  4. I grew up on a farm 4 miles outside of town. It was the BEST place...300 acres of wide-opened goodness, and the good things about town within 10 minutes...I MISS it...we spent the last 4 years in MT, about the same distance from in-town fun, surrounded by wildlife as only MT can supply...some days I miss that, too....

    However, I DO enjoy being back on the East Coast, with actual HUMIDITY in the air...I never thought I would say that I appreciate humidity, but 4 years in the dryest state in the country will help you appreciate that lotion won't do the miracles on your skin that a little humidity will do.....

  5. I believed that when you died, you went to Heaven for seven years, and then you came back to earth.

    I believed that if you passed out from choking you would be alright because you would quit choking then and wake up.

    I was deathly afraid of black widow spiders. Now I might eat them for lunch if they were served with pudding. QOTW


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