Friday, February 29, 2008

memory lane

I swiped this idea from Monday through Sunday's
Thursday Thirteen. I'm pretty sure she won't mind.

I was born in the sixties, a child of the seventies and am a proud member of the H.S. class of '84.

Let's take a stroll down memory lane through the 70's and 80's…

We had a black and white TV for years. 8 track tapes – I loved those things. Taping ourselves on the cassette recorder for fun. Transistor radios – I liked opening them up and looking at the cool little doodads inside. FM – cool! Boom boxes.

Big combs in the back pocket. Feathered hair. Bonnie Bell lip gloss – the big ones. Wooden soled shoes. Earth shoes. Waffle stompers. Big lace collars. Lace stockings. Bows in the hair. Mall hair. Oversized shirts and sweaters. Leggings and stirrup pants. Harem pants. Perms. Big hair. The invention of mousse. Super sized shoulder pads. Flowered dresses – oh those were gorgeous, especially with a big lace collar, (don't forget the bow in the hair and the lace stockings!) Pegged pants. Acid wash jeans. Zipper cuff jeans. Dockers. Penny Loafers. Oxfords. IZOD. OP. Punk.

Madonna. Michael Jackson. Flash Dance. Pop rocks. Hanging out at the arcade playing Pac Man, Galaga, and Tron. Styx. Journey. Air Supply. AC/DC. Van Halen. Queen. The Cars. Cindy Lauper. Huey Louis and the News. MTV. Banana seat bikes. Rubik's Cube. VCR's! The first reality shows – That's Incredible and Real People. Six Million Dollar Man. Bionic Woman. Wonder Woman. Shazaam. Ha, which leads me to think of Gomer Pyle. Great American Hero. The Man from Atlantis. The Incredible Hulk

We Are the World.

Bicentennial celebrations. The cold war. Nukes everywhere. The first space shuttle launch. Ronald Reagan. The curtain and the wall fall down!

First dates. First kiss. Graduation! College. Driving. Working at McD's. Hanging out at Pizza Hut or Godfather's Pizza. Laughing our head's off at McDonalds. Bowling. Skating. Snowball skate - I sat that one out.

Indiana Jones. Back to the Future. Alien. Star Wars. ET. Jaws. Twilight Zone movie. CHiPs. Emergency. Sonny and Cher. Flip Wilson. Carol Burnett. MASH. HR Puff N Stuff. Love Boat. Land of the Lost. Speed Buggy. The original Scooby Doo. Sesame Street before Elmo, with Mr. Looper, uh, Hooper. Looney Tunes. Hanna Barbara Hour. The Jetsons – cool video TV!

Clackers – you know, those elbow busters on a string. Bubble Yum. Candy Cigarettes. The invention of the Blizzard – why did it take so long to think of mixing candy with ice cream? Skate boards – they were popular in the 80's first. Baby Tenderlove. Fisher Price Farm house and school. Weebles.

Great makeup!

Totally tubular. Rad. Righteous, dude. Like, Awesome. Bag your head. Gag me with a spoon.

Ok. I could go on. But I won't. What are some of your favorite memories? And even if you are a Gen-xer or a Baby Boomer, feel free to participate. Your memories may be different, but I want to hear.


  1. I graduated from high school in '91 so my memories are more in the late 80's..but most of these I do remember. 8 tracks!! We had a ton of them..I miss those things..LOL

  2. 45 singles, Fantasy Island, bowling,rolled up jeans,feathers hooked in your hair with roach clips. head bands, Gunny Sack dresses, colored panty hose... I goes on forever.

  3. Fantasy Island - I loved that show - "The Plane"

    The Incredible Hulk always left me sad, but I guess it probably did most people.

    I used to watch CHIPS, The Love Boat, The Dukes of Hazzard - man did I do anything besides watch TV?

    Of course I watched all the super hero type shows too.

    And we had the 8 track tapes.

    Loved the Blizzards - yum - my favorite was the Hawaiian - coconut, pecans and pineapple.

  4. I remembered the six million dollar man, bionic woman, wonder woman - You brought back some great memories. Great post!!

  5. Collecting pop bottles around the neighborhood so we could sell them for two cents each and buy something--nickle candy bar or sen sen or popsickles. "Gunsmoke", wrestling, the "Buddy Johnson Show", riding the bus downtown to buy a new purse or blouse, getting a soda at the drug store, playing dress up, going to see "The Ten Commandments", playing jacks and tetherball. Good times. QOTW


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