Monday, February 25, 2008

trying of my faith

Almost eight years ago I got a phone call that my dad's sister and her husband had been in a terrible accident. Their van had burst into flames and exploded. They were able to get out before the explosion, but both were severly burned over large percentage of their bodies and both went to heaven within six months.

They were Christians. They were on their way to help out at a church camp in the mountains.

I knew all the answers. I had heard them all my life. But suddenly, none of the answers made any sense.

God, I'd been told, is all powerful. Able to do anything. I'd also been told that He is Love. He is good.

So, now, those things just didn't fit. I took it to the Lord in my frustration. I poured it out to Him. He can take it. "If you are all powerful, you could have prevented that. Because you are good and would never allow something like this to happen."

"Or else you are all powerful and could have stopped it, but chose not to because You are not Love; You are not good. But I see no way that You can be both in control and good."

There are some who would say that it was the devil, or just the consequences of living on this earth that caused that accident to happen. But is God not more powerful than the devil and the consequences of this earth? Because if He's not, then He's not really God and not worthy of my worship. All powerful means all powerful. So while this line of thinking factored into my struggle, it went along with the line that God wasn't really as powerful as I had believed.

He was so good to me during this time. So patient as He helped me through this. I remember one of those occasions where I was at the bookstore and a book just seemed to be glowing -- standing out from the rest. It was called When God Weeps by Joni Eareckson Tada and Steven Estes. It was so beneficial in helping me begin to understand.

Other little pieces here and there gave me answers and understanding. And the end result of what God taught me is that we can't understand here on earth. If we are looking for things to make sense, then we will be frustrated always. What I have come to rely on is that it all makes sense in the spiritual realm, where God is. And just so that it makes sense to Him. That's good enough for me.

Real faith is believing that God is good and that He is in control of every single event in a believer's life. And He can somehow be both even though we can't grasp it at all. Because He is God. He is so much bigger than us that we can't understand.

Another part of faith is believeing that God has a good purpose for everything He does, whether we are able to see that purpose or not. We have to believe Him.

I have come to not define bad and good the way I used to. Just because something looks bad to me doesn't mean it is in God's realm. He defines things differently, I think. Perhaps when I take my child to have a painful procedure done they think it's bad. But in my greater wisdom, I know that it's good. Whether they ever see that or not.

I now choose to say God allows difficult things in our lives, rather than using the word "bad". Because if He allows it, it cannot be bad. And He has to allow it. If you've read the book of Job, you know that satan wanted to harm Job, but he had to have permission from God first. And he had to keep within the boundaries God established. The enemy cannot touch us without God's permission. And God will not allow it without a reason.
Was it "bad" when God allowed Daniel into the lions den?
Was it "bad" when God flooded the earth?
Was it "bad" when God allowed Lazarus to die?

Was it "bad" when God allowed Jesus to be crucified?


  1. There is so much that we just will not be able to understand right now, but I think we can accept it with faith. I've been angry at God many times in my life, and when I'm done and cried out I can finally hear what He is telling me.

  2. I hear you Kay. Julie, I agree with you also about us not being able to understand now - our minds are finite so how could we... one day it will make sense when we are on the other side of eternity.

  3. There is good and there is evil. Sin is evil. God allows it ... for now. His choice to give us free will. There's a snapshot of God's "thinking" in Susan D. Hill's book Closer Than Your Skin when she was experiencing that absolute sorrow, pain, and anger of the sort you describe. God told her, "It's not about this life." His ways are higher but sometimes we have to dive to the depths to know them. No way we can understand them all, not here, not ever. JMO.

  4. I completely agree with you. This was a great post!

  5. We will agree to disagree..Love you sweets!

  6. Obviously, my husband and I went through that ordeal mentioned. I struggled with that "how could this happen to these good people?" "What purpose will it serve?" When I look back, I see that their assoc. pastor spent a lot of time traveling 100 miles one way to be there for them and their family. He was able to counsel the kids, as well as witness to them. The kids, some of whom had estranged from each other, pulled together. There were six children; 3 adult men and 3 adult women, plus some grandchildren. He lived one month in a burn bed, and she lived five months. Both succumbed from infections, you know that staph. They had little reserve to fight such infection. Believe me, you don't want to hear the rest of the details.

  7. This touched me. I've had my own struggles. My sister had been sick with cancer for seven years. In the summer of 2000, the doctor decided to let her take a break from chemo so her body and mind could have a rest. Well, the tumors grew in her stomach area and there was nothing they could do. She passed away in September. Those last few months I had been reading a book not related to her in any way. I had just been reading a few pages a day in the bathroom. That week after my sister's passing, I read a few pages in the book. The author was writing about someone who died, and she quoted Scriptures which indicated God's love and concern and support through that hard time. I felt like God spoke to me specifically and personally and that He timed my reading that seemed so random so that I read on exactly the right day. He put His hand on me that day and touched me. It was an amazing thing. QOTW

  8. Yes, Q.
    One more hard event in that year. The accident in June, Gary died in July, Gail in Sept, and Lavina in Nov.
    I think all the things I was learning helped me when it was Gail's time. I was very grieved, but didn't have all the questions I had faced when the accident happened.
    I know when I saw her that summer that she was reading George Mueller's story. God was teaching her, too.


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