Monday, February 11, 2008

six things

My friend Mel at Monday through Sunday did a meme today and said anyone can use it who needs something to blog about. So I'm going to.
I actually have a lot of things on my mind to blog about. But I'm feeling rather cranky and so, I think I will just do this. It's safer this way. Trust me.

So, off the top of my head, (it's best if I don't give this too much thought) here are Six non-important things/quirks/habits about myself:

~If the sheet has a wrinkle or the blankets are imbalanced, I can't sleep
~I like Cher
~I would rather ride than drive
~I'm a Tom Jones fan
~I have to balance the food I eat in my mouth. One bite gets chewed on the left, the next bite gets chewed on the right.
~ I eat potato chips, etc, according to size. Smallest to largest.

So, if you need a subject to blog about...feel free to do this meme, too! I won't tag you, though. I get the impression some bloggers don't like getting tagged.


  1. You are hysterical--especially for being "cranky".

  2. You like cher..huh?! LOL I will have to watch you eat the next time we eat out together!! Interesting! Are you fixing the covers all night then?

  3. We are SO related. I think it's called OCD that you have (smallest to largest potato chip, equal biting) but I suffer from it as well. When I'm brushing my hair, both sides must be brushed the same amount of times. Ooo, I have so many other things but I'm going to stop there...

  4. yes, Mel. I fight the covers all stinkin night, unless, I finally get up and fix them.
    Hubby finds this so endearing.

  5. How do you eat M&Ms? First a red one on the left, then a red one on the right? Do you count stairs?

  6. Nicole. If only I were trying to be funny. LOL I'm just weird.
    Jen, maybe you should make the list, too.
    Mom, yes, red - red, green - green, etc. and if only one is left of a certain color, I bite it in half.
    I sometimes count stairs. Not as often as I used to.

  7. Sounds like you a a bit "Monlish." I know what that is like. ;)

  8. I'm just glad that I don't have any weird quirks.

  9. Hi
    I cant stand wrinkles in the sheets too!!They have to be lined up with the comforter!!
    I love CHer too and Tina Turner even more!
    And you know I love riding!people like me should not be behind the wheel!


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