Thursday, February 14, 2008

valentine's day

Most of my life I have intensly disliked Valentine's Day. When I was a kid my Valentine's Days were a lot like Charlie Brown's. I love that boy. I can so relate to poor old Charlie.

Anyway, and then as I got old enough to like boys and my friends were like BY boys, but I wasn't, that was no fun.

And then when I actually was dating, it was great when I had a boyfriend. But the years when I wasn't dating anyone I had to watch everyone else getting flowers and cards and there I sat, alone. Yuck.

After I got married, we tried so hard to make Valentine's Day special and we would be sick every year. We gave up. Got each other a card and that was about it.

A few years ago, I decided to decorate the table, get some balloons, sparking cider and candles and I made the family's favorite soup, (I call it Chicken Noodle Love, for this one day only) and we had a fun candlit dinner. All four of us. The kids loved it! They love it almost as much as Christmas! So for us, Valentine's Day is about love and family. Not just romance. And I like it just fine.

I am a romantic at heart, but sometimes you just have to go with what works!

I hope that however you spend the day, whether with a romantic love or a friend you love or your family that you have a wonderful Happy Valentine's Day. And if you happen to be alone today, let Jesus love you. Let Him woo you. He wants to.


  1. Kay, your posts are so powerful! I have to write my book, but I can't help but stop by and read your posts and be encouraged and laugh and think. Thank you!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day!!

    I liked Valentine's day during Elementary was all about the cards and candy. HATED it till I was married. Now I really like it!

  3. It's nice being a teacher on V-day. You get lots of gift and kinda makes up for being single.

  4. I wish I had understood you better when you were a child. Your blog is giving me insight.


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