Thursday, February 28, 2008

another one

I am so influential! Now there are four family members blogging and I don't believe one of them would be if it weren't for me. Oh, the power!!

I mustn't let it go to my head.

My cousin - actual first cousin, never removed - is now blogging, too. If you read Jen's blog, then you already know. This cousin is that cousin's mother. And her mother was my mother's sister.

This cousin has also been my teacher and her husband was my principle. Her sister was my teacher, too, for even a longer time.

I don't know if I said so, but I went to a very small Christian school. There were four people in my graduating class. I graduated in the top half!

Even though this cousin is older than I am and we didn't really grow up together or anything, I seem to have inherited her... something. My mom frequently tells me that I acted like her, said something like her, or looked like her. My grandma always called me by this cousin's name when I answered the phone. And I even seem to have inherited a Royalty Complex from her.


  1. I went over and said hello! She had quite a timely post today..:)

  2. Royalty complex, I love it. It's so true. My mother the mess.

  3. Well, greatness runs in our family in a limited way. Only two queens and a lot of servants; however, sadly they may not recognize their true place or ours. Oh yes. No offense intended.

    Jen, if your mother is a mess, she also reproduced some messes. Welcome!


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