Friday, February 15, 2008

it's all in how you look at things

Yesterday I pointed out the diamonds to my kids. They looked and one thought it was pretty neat, but the other one said, "It's just ice, mom."

Today, I see squirrels! I haven't seen them for months. They are out there hopping through the snow, chasing each other around the diamond bedecked trees and I think they have intentions of starting a little family.

Spring! Those squirrels mean spring is around the corner!

I love squirrels.

So, do you see diamonds or ice? Spring or rodents? How do you look at things? It makes all the difference.


  1. I think a lot like you do and I dont know why? I bet I could guess which darlin' said it was only ice. Actually Im suprised they both didnt say it, :)

  2. I'm with the kids. I don't see the value in diamonds. If it takes an expert with an eye scope to tell me if it's a diamond or a piece of glass, then I say who cares.

    Cubic Zirconium rules.

  3. You say ice. I say diamonds. :) You say blessings, others say children. :)


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