Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Jen blogged today about love. You should go read her post first. It's ok, I'll wait.

Like she said, I could tell you the things that I love deeply, but you know what they are. That list would probably look a lot like yours. God, spouse, family, friends, chocolate...

So, in the spirit of Jen's post, I am going for some of the more obscure things that I love. Love as in "like a whole lot."

~I love the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard. I think it's funny, and also, I am just a bit sadistic and love the way other people react.
~I love fireplaces
~I love a warm car on a sub-freezing day. Expecially if it has seatwarmers.
~I love old movies
~I love sheep
~I love slapstick
~I love my kids' ears
~I love a tea party with friends
~I love going somewhere fancy
~I love the smell of horses
~I love office supplies
~I love having my toe and fingernails painted
~I love foot freedom in the summer
~I love cool weather
~I love crows
~I love the smell and feel of a brand new book

Ok, that's enough. So, list some of the things you love. Or post them on your blog and let me know. We can start a new meme and give Jen all the credit!


  1. I love a lot of those things too! This is fun.

  2. I want to do it! I sent you something via email!

  3. I love office supplies,notebooks & etc.
    I love stars
    I love the moon
    I love rides in the mountians
    I love the smell of barns
    I love kittens
    I love the house at 1 a.m.
    I love a clean house
    I love the smell of grass in the summer.
    And others, but I tried for some that were more me.
    And I love driving with the windows down in the summer.

  4. Oh, and I LOVE baby goats. Especially miniature goats. They hop and bounce crooked! What a hoot!

  5. Seeing all these lists makes me want to add to mine. It reminded me of some things I forgot...

  6. I love foot freedom and the smell of a new book too! I love kitties and I adore newborn babies!

  7. I would have sent this yesterday, but my computer decided to have a mind of its own. But anyway, I did one too check it out. I'm not sure if I like the smell of horses, but I do love the smell of newborn babies.


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