Saturday, February 23, 2008

what do you have to say for yourself?

At a writers' conference, Alton Gansky made the following point. Say you get your book published and it sells poorly -- say 2,000 copies. Most books that sell are read an average of two times. Then 4,000 people have read your book.
So, here's my question. What are you going to say to them?
I have heard a lot of writers, Christian or not, say that their purpose in writing is to entertain. Ok. Nothing wrong with that, really. But one thing our society is not lacking is entertainment.
I mean, a book should be entertaining. No one will read it if it isn't. But is that all you want to accomplish in the lives of these 4,000 people?
What other opportunity are you going to have to influence this many people? You going to rent out an auditorium and get them to come hear you speak?
This is an opportunity. An incredible opportunity. I want the people who read my book to be just a little bit better, stronger, happier, freer, more at peace, know God better... something! I want to make a difference. I want them to be changed because of what I wrote. Even if it is so subtle that they don't even realize it.
What do you want to do? If you are a writer, what's your purpose in writing?


  1. If the stories I write don't cause an individual to reflect on their relationship with the Lord, then I have failed. Period. Ideally, I want them to grow closer to Jesus because of what I've written.

  2. speaking at least some small measure of truth

  3. I like what you wrote in this blog entry (well I like them all) and especially like that you want to make a difference by what you write. My mission is to do something that matters. So no matter what I'm doing I want it to matter for something or someone even if its something simple as taking a shopping cart someone left next to someone's car back to the store - of course I want to do things that matter more than that, but just wanted to point out that being willing to do something small is good too - we have to start somewhere.

    Someone gave me a pin that says, "Do Something that Matters" and I put it on the strap of my backpack so I see it every day.

  4. I would hope that whatever I share is something that they can implement in their lives today. I hope they can listen and think..I can do is possible.

    Like your new header!


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