Thursday, January 31, 2008

thursday thirteen

Thirteen actors I enjoy watching:

William Powell

Charles Laughton

Jerry Lewis

Fred Astaire

Cary Grant

James Cagney

Gregory Peck

Jimmy Stewart

Mickey Rooney

Claude Rains

Humphrey Bogart

Peter Lorre

John Wayne


  1. Fantastic list. I love the classic movies too, men seemed so more more manly, and sexy back then too I think.

  2. Awesome, wonderful, fantastic list! You are a girl after my own heart! I wish they had a theater that would show old movies from time to time..would be a fun evening!

    Oh..thanks for the congrats..imagine that! I was so surprised..featured TT. I know it is random..but still..

  3. Wow, I could write pages and pages because you included quite a few actors whos work I enjoy. Tops on my list is Humphrey Bogart, followed by James Cagney, Claude Rains, and Peter Lorre. As you can probably guess, one of my favorite channels is TCM.

  4. You forgot Peter Sellers "Does your dog bite?"

  5. Great list. I think that still of Charles Laughton was from Witness For The Prosecution, one of my fave films.

  6. I have been thourougly enjoying recording movies from TCM!!
    Witness for the Prosecution is one of my faves, too. The main reason why I like Laughton.
    Mel, how funny that I've known you so long, but didn't know you loved old movies until just a couple months ago!

  7. Who are your fave actors or actresses in our current time?

  8. Well, Jan, if I can think of 13, I'll do that for another TT! LOL


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