Thursday, June 5, 2008

thursday thirteen

As writers I think we need to experience all that we can.  Of course those experiences should in no way dishonor God, so I'm not talking about psychotropic experiences or anything like that.
One easy way to broaden your experience is through food.  Some of you read my TT about weird foods I've eaten.  So I could write about a character eating Kangaroo and describe it accurately.  :)

Today's list is the different nationalities of foods I have had.

1. Italian - who hasn't?
2. Mexican - again...
3. French
4. Greek
5. Moroccan
6. Lebanese
7. Vietnamese
8. Russian
9. Ethiopian
10. Liberian
11. Haitian
12. Indian
13. Thai


  1. Diverse dining indeed.
    Makes me long for the Vietnamese restaurant in my old neighborhood.

  2. Your list makes me jealous for all the types of foods I haven't experienced. After watching the Food network and the travel channel, I think I'm ready to be more impeteous and try new things. Great TT.

  3. You have a more eclectic dining experience than I do, but I admit I am a bit scared to try some things. Great idea for a theme.
    Happy TT!
    My 35th Edition
    Fav Children's Authors
    Always @ The Cafe.

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  5. Here's my list:
    1) Texan
    2) Southern
    3) Lard-ian
    You amaze me Kay! I want to try Indian food with you!

  6. You know how limited my food choices are. I would love to try all of those different foods, but something(s) stand in my way. Hmmm!

  7. Awesome!! I have tried a lot..but not that many!! You rock!

  8. I'm not always that risky in food choices, but I'm growing up a bit :)

  9. I never let you be picky about food when you were growing up, tho I know there were things you didn't like. Everybody, considering where she grew up and her family's traditional way of life, it is pretty amazing that she is so adventurous. I do like beef tongue and sweetbreads but hard to come by and are considered speciality meats and are expensive.

  10. What is the food in the pic? Moroccan?

  11. That is Ethiopian food. They puree everything and serve it on a piece of injera - a weird soft bread. You tear off pieces of bread to pick up the food with. No silverware.


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