Thursday, June 12, 2008

thursday thirteen

Thirteen things that amuse me.

1. Watching birds. Not "bird watching." Just watching them. Especially when they are fussing about something. That's funny.

2. Watching people, especially other couples, interact.

3. Watching a toddler try to be a "big boy/girl"

4. Telling myself funny stories

5. Watching people walk

6. Looking at noses and or ears. Very amusing.

7. Singing and making up new words to old songs.

8. Spending time with my children. They are quite interesting.

9. Dancing and/or acting weird.

10. Speaking with an accent.

11. Pretending I'm from another planet and trying to figure out what in the world in going on around here.

12. Responding to the voices in my head. Oh, come on. You know you have some, too.

13. Experimenting with facial expressions.


  1. LOL! This list is very amusing.

  2. Sounds like some good people watching. I don't get around to that very often---but guess I should take time to smell the roses and watch the people!

  3. People watching is fun! amuse me!

  4. Most of those amuse me as well. Nice to meet another Christian...and happy TT! :)

  5. Funny post :) Makes me almost feel normal :)

  6. I just think you get stranger and stranger the older you get!
    I don't know where you get any of your weirdness from...any of it!

  7. I think watching you in your various endeavors would probably be the most amusing thing I could do.

  8. I also like to look at ears and noses, especially in church or at a funeral (?) I could almost get hysterical if I gawk too long. And I have no right to laugh at others! Kay, I just get prouder and prouder of you as you mature.

  9. You must have a great sense of humor to come with a list of 13 things that amuse you. Great list. Happy TT!


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