Monday, June 2, 2008

five kind things

Robin at Actions Speak Loudest did this on her blog and I liked it, so I'm doing it too.

The Five Kind Things Meme works like this:

List five kind things you do for yourself.
List five kind things you do for your closest friend, partner or child.
List five kind things you have done for a stranger.
List five kind things you do for fun.
List five people you are tagging with this meme.

Five kind things I do for myself:
1. I take a break when I need one.  My hubby is a very good dad and parents equally with me.  If I need time alone or off with friends, he is more than willing to provide it.
2. I play
3. I try to get off my own back from time to time.
4. I nurture friendships
5. I try to eat right

Five kind things I do for my friends, husband or child:
1. I try to listen without judging or offering unwanted advice.  I'm not always good at it, but I try.
2. I tuck my kids in and kiss them goodnight
3. I will buy a friend lunch or a gift from time to time.
4. I try to be supportive.
5. I wash their clothes - sometimes.  Not my friends' really, but I would if they needed me, too.

Five kind things I have done for a stranger:
1. Once I saw an elderly lady wandering around a huge parking lot.  I drove her and her husband around until they found their car.
2. I watched a lady's baby in an airport bathroom so she could potty.
3. I watched a lady's baby at the fair so she could ride the Merry-go round with her pre-schooler.
4. I frequently let people in front of me in check out lines, if they are frazzled, have only a few things, or seem impatient.
5. I pick things up for people when they drop them.

Five things I do for fun:
1. Read
2. Play computer games
3. Talk to friends
4. Sing and dance
5. watch movies

Five people I tag:
1. Jen @ Inner Voices of a Spinster in the Making
2. Julie @ Flower of the Family
3. Queen of the World @ To Know Me is to Love Me
4. Mom @ Moms the Word
5. Mel @ Monday Through Sunday

And all the rest of you are welcome to play, too.  Just let me know if you do!


  1. Great list.
    You are a sweet person.

  2. I love your answers! You seem like so much fun and so down to earth! So real!

  3. mine is up ~ as you know! Just wanted to leave a comment :)


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