Tuesday, June 3, 2008

where do you find your value?

I watched this movie a few months ago and it really got me thinking.  First of all, let me say, I am not a "liberal."  But I don't think that only liberals should be concerned with these things.
I'm showing you a clip that had the most impact on me.  If you want to watch the entire video you can go to The Story of Stuff website.

I honestly can't watch this without crying.  And you know what?  It makes me feel duped.  It makes me feel like an absolute fool to have fallen for this stuff.  Especially those of us who are followers of Christ should recognize this stuff for the deception that it is.  We need to wake up.

Today some friends and I prayed for the economy, jobs, the debt situation.  This "golden arrow" that we serve kept coming to my mind.

*I believe that after 911, Bush did tell us to grieve, hope and pray, so ignore that part.  He did also tell us to shop.*

This clip runs a bit long, but please, take some time to watch it.  I think it's six minutes.


  1. I watched a longer version from a friend of mine's blog recently - if you are interested in the long copy - go to my blogroll and click on Jake and Jessica and see their post labeled "The Story of Stuff."

    Great post Kay! Something we really need to think about!

  2. Minturn is kinda off of I-70 between Avon and Eagle area. Top of the world I'm sure. I google maped it. Not very large I think.

  3. I no longer "worry" about labels. For example, I am very left-wing on things like universal health care, but very right-wing on guns and abortion. To my evangelical friends I am "liberal." To my lefty friends, I aid a "conservative." I reject the labels and think for myself. I will not apologize for my liberal views, nor my conservative views.

    A Christian of the Anglican tradition


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