Wednesday, June 25, 2008

more about magpies

Here is a photo I took this morning through my screen.  the middle one is a baby.  He's just a little bit fuzzier than the others.  Much noisier and more demanding.  I wish I had a good audio recorder so I could share with you just what its like around here.  
If you click here it will take you to a site with a Magpie photo.  Just under the photo is a very small green box you can click to hear the Magpie.  The pretty song you hear in the background is a Meadowlark.  We have those, too.  Not that I can hear them over the other racket.  Now, imagine that Magpie multiplied by about ten.  And the babies sound harsher, louder, more demanding...


  1. It reminds me of my kids.. from the other room.. MOM! MOM! MOM!

  2. So let me tell you a true story about my magpies.

    When we lived in Napa, we had a large patio with eaves. One spring the magpies decided to build a humble abode in the eaves next to the bird bath. It was a lovely place with a view. It even had a ready source of food (my dog's food to be precise).

    The problem was that the cat next door also enjoyed the view. One day Maggie, as I liked to call her, swooped into her nest totally oblivious to the pending danger. There sat Satan, as I liked to call him, and he gobbled her right up. I'm still traumatized by the event and fear I may have PTSD.

  3. Sharon - exactly!
    Jan - I'm so sorry. Please feel free to call me. I'm here for you.
    I actually thought you were going to say the bird attacked the cat. They will, you know.

    Jen - keep your paws off!

  4. I like your bird bath too! :)


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