Saturday, June 28, 2008

the thing about batman

He doesn't even have any super powers.
Anyone could do what he does...
anyone with a bat-belt, that is.


  1. One would also need A LOT of disposable cash!

  2. Bat Man is wealthy. And he has a gigantic chip on his shoulder. I don't think I would mess with him.
    Now, Wonder Woman could kick his patootie all over the place.

  3. Yeah, but Batman is highly motivated. And he's got a neat suit. Those two things alone would keep most of us out of the business.

  4. Julie, Wonder Woman has special powers. She is the daughter of a goddess. I don't have that going for me. But I could maybe find a bat belt.

  5. If I was going to be a super Hero, I'd definitely want some special powers. But as some have said - I guess money can be power... I'd want more than money though... how greedy...

  6. Hey Kay~! Remember watching Flash Gordon with a certain PK, and he kept saying "when does he get his powers?" He doesn't have any, he is a football player in outerspace. The pk just thought we were wrong. But we wern't wrong-no powers.


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