Thursday, November 15, 2007

thursday thirteen

Thirteen things I have eaten that maybe you haven't:

1. alligator - greasy and swampy tasting

2. squirrel - tastes like chicken -- really.

3. caribou - like venison

4. kangaroo - very gamey. Reminded me of liver. Yuck.

5. shark - one of my favorite fish. Delicious. Mild and hearty, like a steak

6. octopus - like big squid, so pretty good.

7. deer - delicious if processed and prepared correctly.

8. elk - same as above with a slightly stronger flavor

9. rabbit - didn't care for it. It was fatty and I don't remember much about the flavor.

10. goat - not bad, really. We ate this in Haiti.

11. buffalo - I use it more than beef. lean and very tasty.

12. breadfruit - flavorless. You would eat it if you had nothing else to eat, but not for any other reason.

13. goat's milk - strong and a taste you have to acquire. I haven't acquired it.


  1. Kay, how adventurous you are! I have had some of the same food, too. :)
    I posted my on Thursday Thirteen too!
    Come by if you get a chance

  2. Kay, you are very adventurous! I haven't had most of it, but I'd try it. :)

  3. I've had deer, elk and buffalo...but nothing else on there I really care to match you on! ;-)

  4. I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to try all those different things. You must have been all over the world.

  5. Kathy, I tried all of them right here in the good old US. Except the goat, which I'm sure can be found here, too.
    Gater was in FL.
    Kangaroo was at a restaurant in Colorado Springs called New South Wales.
    Octopus is common at Chinese or Japanese restaurants.
    The Caribou was at a restaurant in Colorado Springs that specialized in game meats.
    A boy brought some squirrel to school when I was in ninth grade and I tried it.
    The other stuff I think is pretty easy to fine.

    Down where you live, Kathy, you could probably get some squirrel or opossum.

  6. But have you eaten frog legs? They jump when you fry them up. These are not too bad - leaner than chicken but less meat.

    I've eaten deer, elk & buffalo and I prefer buffalo to beef too. More flavor sorta earthy.

    I've also eaten duck, quail, and pheasant. I'm not overly excited about any of the oddities except maybe frog legs and buffalo. Ribbit. :)

  7. Jan, my mom loves frog legs. I haven't tried them, but I would. I've had duck and pheasant, too.

    The thing that prevents me from trying something new is generally the texture. I won't do raw oysters, for example. But I will try most any kid of food as long as it isn't slimy. I'm not crazy about organ meats, either. But I have tried them. My mom has made me eat liver and tongue. So I know that I don't like it, I'm not just assuming.

  8. Yes, I like frog legs but they're a little hard to come by around here, except at expensive restaurants. My older sister lived on a farm in NE Kansas and they had to clear the huge bullfrogs, etc., out of the cow ponds to make room for the huge catfish. Yes, the legs do jump when you fry them. I love beef tongue, beef heart and especially sweetbreads, but the sweetbreads are almost impossible to find. I don't care for brains because they are so chalky. I always thought it had to be what we were raised to eat, but Kay wasn't exposed to some of that stuff! She is adventurous, to say the least.

  9. Well, I live in the swamps of Louisiana and I can tell you first hand that frog legs are very good.

    Alligator is hit or miss. If you prepare it correctly it can be quite good.

    Turtle and squirrel are big around here also.

    My dad used to eat squirrel brains.


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