Sunday, June 22, 2008

who i am

"What in the world?" - got that from Mel.
"And you know what..." - that's Cindy.
"I mean, you know" - Danica
"Definitely" - definitely comes from Chris
I picked up some intonations from Robbie.
I shrug my shoulders a bit sometimes to make a point.  Nancy does that.

I pick up other people's speaking habits, intonations, and body language very easily.  And it used to irritate me.  I don't want to talk like you.  I want to talk like me.  But what I realized yesterday is that all of these things that I pick up and make mine are part of what makes me Me.  

When people bump up against each other, we leave little bits of ourselves.  That's a good thing.  Usually.  I have picked up some things from TV people, too.  Not sure if that's good or bad, but it certainly warrants taking care what I watch.  

I am like a quilt and the people I have in my life have added their own patches.  The result is a quilt that is uniquely me.

I am a stew.  One person adds some carrots, another a potato.  This one adds the hot peppers and this one the broth.  In the end, my stew tastes like no other.

I can't even pin point the things I've picked up from my family and my friend, Anna, who I've known almost my whole life.  Their influence is too long standing and close.

We impact others.  And the influence that the above mentioned people - as well as many other friends - has had on me goes far beyond the way I speak.  They have given wisdom, support, prayer, laughter, and so much more.

Thank God for the people who have contributed to your quilt, or your stew, and purpose that the things you contribute to others will be gorgeous, or tasty, depending on the metaphor you choose.


  1. have a way with saying it just right..great post!

  2. Great post. I think if you are a quilt then you are a more exotic quilt from India or someplace, not just your everyday quilt to be sure. Do they make quilts with bling?

  3. I use a certain kind of "expression", half laugh and half exclamation of surprise, which I know I inherited from a woman I worked with for 12 years.
    My poor children have been surrounded by some rather odd individuals (family members) all their lives, so far. That might explain why they're so unique!

  4. You know the quilt in the picture is called a "Crazy Quilt" right?


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