Sunday, June 15, 2008

two daddys

My daddy is a good daddy.  He worked hard for years at a job he hated in order to care for his family.  He was an RN and worked at the State Hospital.  Back in those days, not many men were nurses and I had many a friend argue with me that I really meant he was a doctor, as if I wouldn't know.  
My daddy taught me to fish, even to bait the hook and take the fish off by myself.
My daddy taught me how to change a tire, although when the need has arisen I have looked helpless and waited for a man to help me instead.  Even when I was single (Jen).
My daddy taught me how to check the oil, where to put the coolant and windshield wiper fluids, (Susan).  He also told me everything I needed to know to be as safe as possible.
He warned me about the evils of boys.  "I know boys.  I was one.  You can't trust them."
He made me mind my mother.
He took me to the dump with him.  It was fun, really!
He bought me ice cream cones.
Even after I was married he would sometimes slip me a $20.  I took it.
My daddy would do anything for his family.  If you are related to him in any way, you can know that he is on your side.  
I have a good daddy.

My husband is a good daddy, too.  He shares equally in the parenting responsibilities and its quite possible that he changed more diapers than I did.  He is always willing to spend time with his kids and take them out for one on one time.  Or he will take them both somewhere to give me a break.  He spoils them more than I do and he is more flexible and fun than I am.  

My kids love their daddy, and so do I.


  1. This is the first year I realized that I didn't have my Dad. Weird that it never occurred to me till this year. Maybe..I really didn't want to think about it. I tended to put all my energies into my husband and my children's father...

    B is a great Dad...and the times I met your Dad..he was pretty great! You are blessed to have such fine men in your life.

    What a great tribute to them both!!

  2. You have two sweet men in your life, not all men can love like B and J.

  3. Great Daddy posts. Happy fathers day.

    You have an award on my blog. :)

  4. Beautiful tribute to two Fathers in your world! They are both lucky to have you!

  5. You have an award at my blog as well!!

  6. I do like both of those men.

  7. I also like both of those men. But MY daddy is better than yours is!!!


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