Monday, June 30, 2008

thoughts on worship

Fourth of July is coming up!  Picnics, fireworks, watermelon and God Bless the USA.

Here's something that I've thought a lot about though.  Maybe you will want to think about it, too.
One time at church, the weekend before the 4th, they played a patriotic song in church.  Soon, people began spontaneously rising to their feet.

Ok, no problem with that, EXCEPT, in that same church I never saw people spontaneously rise to their feet when singing about the God of the Universe.

Is something wrong when we feel comfortable being demonstrative in our adoration of our country, but not in our adoration of our God?


  1. I, for one, am appalled when professed Christian worship the flag and the government. When Thomas Jefferson wrote about "separation of church and state" it was in response to A group of Baptist ministers in Danbury, CT worried that the new U.S. government would establish a National Church. So, the separation of church and state was originally intended to protect the Church from the state. As Christians, we must no worship false idols.

  2. I have no problem with a patriotic song in church. We go to a church that is very lively during worship...raising hands, bowing, dancing, kneeling, the norm every I probably wouldn't see a difference. I would be sad if what you posted did happen in my church.

  3. As with "monday through sunday", we worship on our feet or at the altar, etc. in our church so not standing for a patriotic song would be unusual.

    Just because we honor our country or show respect for the flag, which is really what it stands for: one nation under God, doesn't constitute idol worship.

  4. I really don't its idol worship. I think when these patriotic songs are being sung many Christians (along with myself) are thankful to God that we live in a country whereas we have rights and freedom instead of living in a country where you don't have any say in your religion, your dress, your relationships, your future and so on.

    I believe it's more appreciation and thankfulness than anything else.

  5. OK, you have a point. Statues of saints and Orthodox icons should not be looked down upon by other Christians when used in churches.

  6. I know what ya mean. And I agree

  7. I'm so thankful to live in USA. Our song leader tells us when to stand and we sing most songs standing. We also stand for scripture reading. Once a year we stand for a patrictic song and you are offended?! I say get over it.

  8. I don't think the blogger was saying that she was offended that people stood up for a patriotic song but not for a song about God. I think she was saying we should show at least as much loyalty and respect to God as we do to our flag and country. And she was wondering what inhibits us from doing that.


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