Monday, December 1, 2008


I like noses.  I have been known to sit and admire noses.  If you catch me looking at you, I might just be studying your nose.

But it seems that most people don't like their own noses, (nose?).  I don't really like mine.  I don't hate it, but I don't love it.  It is crooked and has a funny little blob on the end.  Yet, one time I met a girl and the first thing she said to me was "You have a cute nose."  Cracked me up - still does.

I've heard other people say they dislike their nose and usually it's a nose that I've been admiring.

My cousin Q has a nose that I really like, and yet, small children have said rude things about her nose.  I guess it's all relative.

I like noses with personality.  Long straight noses are nice.  I also like roman noses. There are many perfectly good noses that don't catch my attention.  Too run of the mill.  Little perky noses are likely to go without my notice.   I like a nose that makes a statement.  Not sure what that statement would be...

What about you?  Do you like your nose?  Do you hate it?  Or is it just something you live with?


  1. First..LOVE the layout and header pic!! :)

    You actually commented on my nose at one made me feel good! :) I really don't notice much..unless there is booger hanging or hairs shooting out or something like that...:)

  2. Now that I'm looking at my profile pic, I'm thinking, I would like that nose on someone else. I like it from that angle and from the side. Not crazy about it head on.
    Yes, Mel, you have a lovely nose.

  3. I think a family trait is the nose with a little ball on the end. My mom's nose was like that. Mine may have a little of that. My dad had a fairly large nose, and I thought he was very good looking.

    As far as little children commenting on other people's noses, you really have no choice of noses. Unless you have cutting done.

  4. You know, I was just thinking about my nose the other day which is actually pretty random because I can probably count on one hand how many times I've thought about my nose during my lifetime. Anyway, I was tring to figure out whose nose I have and I can't really tell. Horn side or Brown side. It's doesn't really seem to fit into either.

    I like my nose. It's a little too wide but what can ya do?

  5. Hi Kay Day-
    My first visit here...came from Monday through Sunday.
    Lovely blog; cute post.
    I'm a teeth person. ;D

  6. Kay, with age I have learned to accept my nose. I am too cheap to ever think about getting it fixed. But in Junior High I hated that it was so little, like a tiny button on a big face. So, every night, I squeezed it and it would swell and for a while I would like it. Then, it would go down to tiny button size. Now I am fine with it. I can smell. That's enough for me.

  7. I like my nose. One side (nostril) is larger than the other just like my Dad's! I have often enjoyed looking at your nose. Random thought here, but I taught my girls how to flair their nostrils. Remember doing that?

  8. I guess my comment got lost somewhere. My nose veers off to one side, depending on whethe or not I'm looking in a mirror or at a picture :) You have a cuter nose than most of your parents and aunts and uncles. Julie has a pretty nose too. But believe me, they do seem to get bigger as you age, along with the ears.


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