Wednesday, December 10, 2008

you are amazing

Angie Hunt had this little movie on her Facebook.  It is about 15 minutes long, but please watch it.  It has a powerful message.

Side note - please keep Angie and her family in prayer.  Her daddy died yesterday and she will be singing at his funeral on Friday.

This video moved me to tears.  The power of a kind word is underrated.  
But what was sad to me, was the way people took and took, but none had a kind word for him.  We all are aware of our own need for validation and I think we tend to think that everyone else must be confident and secure and not be nearly as needy as we are.  But truth is that we all want to know that we have value.  That we have something special.

About a year ago I decided that when I had a nice thought about someone that I would tell them instead of keeping it to myself.  But I've kinda forgotten.  But now is a good time to start on that again.

I think one of the worries I have is that I will sound insincere.  I thought this guy sounded a bit that way.  But maybe it's just because we aren't used to hearing positive comments.  Maybe we have been taught to suspect that there is always an ulterior motive.  Well, I don't care.  I will say nice things when I can say them from the heart and how people interpret that is their business. 

What are your thoughts?  What touched you most about the film?


  1. Kay, Loved it! Words are powerful! I loved the twist at the end. I like how a word of encouragement and a smile are so closely related!

  2. I'm a sap for this stuff. Crying is guaranteed.
    I always smile at people. Some return it, some look away, some continue to wear the same stony expression.
    We need to validate people--the cashiers, the librarian, the mailman, whoever. People need to know they matter.
    Of course we need it too, but if we can't get it, at least we can give it.
    Good thoughts, Kay.

  3. I am going to come off as an unfeeling beast...because I see no redeeming value of this vignette. To me it is an example of the sort of pap Hollywood (note the Universal Studios scene) spews out during hard economic, political times. But then again, I am probably thought of by y'all as a heartless beast.

  4. BTW, your pledge to say nice thing to people MUST be sincere, or they are lies.


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