Thursday, December 11, 2008

thursday thirteen

Thirteen of my favorite Christmas ornaments.

I like this one, just because it is pretty, and it's a cross and that's really what it's all about.

This one is sparkly and oh so pretty!

This one is very pretty, but I like it especially because I got it at a Bible Study luncheon and I really miss those women.

We like this little birdie.  Just because.

This ornament was given to my daughter at her baby shower, before she was born.

I love sheep!  And I love the homey quality of this one.

This one just makes me smile.

We each picked out an ornament that suited us.  My girl picked this one because she loves wolves.

My son's pick.  He's a monkey boy.

We picked this one out for my dad.  He used to take me fishing.  We haven't been in a while, though.

This is my hubby's.  He loves to fly.

This one is my mom's.  She isn't a chicken; she just likes them.

When asked which one suited me, my husband chose this one.  Not sure what to think of that, but I do love it!


  1. What about me? :( Poor sister. always left out of the family fun just because I'm 20 billion miles away. I'm very sad now.

  2. So sweet! I love my tree just because it is full of from members..friends..memories of past Christmas'. It isn't the most perfect tree in design standards...but it is beloved by all of us! Great TT!


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